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by Pathaleon at 10:29 PM (323 Views / 1 Likes) 15 Comments
There is currently a major issue with Alice and crafting is not behaving as originally intended. Until the problem is resolved the server will remain offline. We are actively working on the server and seeking the issue.

EDIT: I have resolved the primary issue although sk needs to check the collateral effect that it may have caused which cannot be done for a few hours due to the fact he has no access to a computer until he returns to his home.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to your fun times!
by sk89q at 11:50 AM (668 Views / 1 Likes) 18 Comments
As you may know, the Flaxbeard Boilers explode in event of overpressure. If you are using Flaxbeard for its 3x ore multiplication, then you find that that problematic.

A few people have said that you cannot automate boilers, but that is not true. It just takes some ingenuity.

Below I present one way of regulating a Flaxbeard Boiler automatically. If you have questions about how to set it up or how it works, feel free to ask.


I may boost steam output in Flaxbeard boilers.
by LeiserGeist at 3:22 AM (211 Views / 1 Likes) 3 Comments
Good afternoon, morning, evening, night, and everywhere in between!

Today we got a few more fixes for ya!
  • Added more sounds to the howler (I'll let ya'll figure out what they are...)
  • Fixed sk's AE2 blunder (whatever that may have been)
  • Added a recipe for any black dye -> ink sac (shapeless 1:1)
  • De-greg'd more things
by LeiserGeist at 5:08 AM (346 Views / 0 Likes) 10 Comments
Time for another update!

Today we bring you the following:

  • Flaxbeard Rock Smasher now multiplies ores 3x!
  • Flaxbeard Thumper automatically smashes ores AND 3x's them!
  • New quests for mail - check your quest book! (Thanks Forestry!) Read *this* if you need help
  • Added a way to get jetpacks!
  • Re-enabled the Galacticraft lander so you won't lose your rockets and such anymore
  • Modified auto-farming quest to be more rewarding
  • Decreased the damage from suffocation in space from 2 to 1
  • De-Greg'd many more recipes
  • Added a default servers.dat (new players don't have to type the IP)
  • Updated SKCraft Shenanigans
  • Fixed the coke oven quest
  • Various minor quest fixes
by LeiserGeist at 6:58 PM (806 Views / 0 Likes) 26 Comments
The latest update brought Gregtech Unofficial to 5.08.29, and fixed some more recipes he meddles with.

Which brings me to this:
If anyone happens upon a Greg'd vanilla or non-GT mod recipe, please report it on the announcement thread!

We're bound to have some of these pop up and annoy people, as it's pretty much impossible for us to go through every recipe, test it, and make sure GT hasn't meddled with it.

Try not to get frustrated if something happens to pop up that prevents your progression.
It's basically only me fixing these specific issues, so bear with me. If I'm on when it's reported, I'll fix it as soon as I can (which doesn't immediately require an update or server restart, luckily!)

Also, we'd like to hear everyone's opinions on Spice of Life. (If you don't know what it is, don't vote :p)

by sk89q at 1:54 AM (136 Views / 0 Likes) 2 Comments
A client update is recommended for this update.
  1. Fixed parties not working on claims after a server restart.
  2. Removed the hard Ender Chest recipe.
  3. Disabled Spice of Life's diminishing returns for now.
  4. Fixed the quest that required copper ingots but did not accept GregTech copper ingots.
  5. Fixed copper and other ore not spawning on the mining world.
by sk89q at 11:07 PM (119 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
Alice is currently going through some growing pains by running on a plain Forge server, so we'll be fixing issues as they come up over the next few days and weeks.

An update was issued. We recommend that you update your client.
  • Fixed ore spawning on the mining world.
  • Fixed the recipes for wood gears, bowls, and bread so that they wouldn't be GregTech versions.
by LordRedstone at 10:57 PM (242 Views / 1 Likes) 4 Comments
Hey all!

A couple of people have had ping issues with Alice (among other things) and as a solution, I am currently hosting mirrors (proxies) of the servers. If you have a high ping, you can try these! If there are any problems please reply to this thread.

Direct Connection: alice.skcraft.com

Amsterdam: platypus.ag-n.net (~100ms ping to server)
New York: porcupine.ag-n.net (stable 24.3ms ping to server)

To use these mirrors, just add your desired mirror's IP to your client's multiplayer menu.
~ LordRedstone
by Pathaleon at 5:34 PM (136 Views / 0 Likes) 3 Comments
Fortunately the process was successful and areas that did not have trees do now have trees!

Sorry for the inconvenience but our switch to vanilla forge has been a big step and teething issues are to be expected.
by sk89q at 4:57 AM (277 Views / 0 Likes) 9 Comments
A lot of chunks were missing trees and ores and so we've shut down the server to run a program to fix this problem. The program is going to take a few hours, and it doesn't work if the server is running.

Sorry for all the trouble! We should be back soon.

If you know of a problem, tell us now so we can fix it!
by sk89q at 8:56 PM (743 Views / 13 Likes) 28 Comments
Welcome to New Avendel! You can download the modpack using the launcher.


NOTE: We recommend a quad-core CPU with at least 4 GB of RAM to run this pack. The modpack should not take longer than 10 minutes to load. When you see "If your Log stops here, you were too impatient," you just have to wait. If you are having trouble getting on, please post on the forums.

The tech progression in this pack has been changed significantly to present a new experience for most, both seasoned players and new players alike. To guide you through the new progression, you will receive a quest journal in-game that details the major goals to hit to play through the pack.

GregTech is included in this pack, but we've modified it so that it does not affect other mods or vanilla. GregTech presents an entirely different tech tree that you can play through in addition to the main "RF-powered" tech tree, or you may play it alone.

There are a few magic mods in this pack. Those are largely unchanged, but we've included mods that we've previously not had.

This Alice 1.7 server is running on a lot of brand new server code and we're running on only Forge server this time around, so please be kind.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the build team for their work on spawn. I did not have a significant role in this spawn, but the build team included BranderoS, Pathaleon, Cromy, k0lr0t, LeiserGeist, BlueJosh27, Proger_cbsk, Demenzia, Tiffy, Kira, and CrieNorec.
by sk89q at 9:28 PM (581 Views / 1 Likes) 23 Comments
Alice has been shutdown to prepare for the upcoming world, while Vincent has been shutdown because it is currently incompatible with the new backend.
by sk89q at 6:35 AM (589 Views / 6 Likes) 24 Comments
We're nearly done with everything and we (realistically) expect to be launching the new Alice server in the next 3 days.
by sk89q at 4:29 AM (806 Views / 2 Likes) 14 Comments
Clearly everyone wants to contribute to the server code.