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by Tonius at 7:02 PM (545 Views / 2 Likes) 0 Comments
A new update has been pushed to the server and to the launcher.
  • Disabled MalisisDoors overriding vanilla doors
  • Increased Ender IO Fluid Conduit transfer rates
  • Fixed cake recipe (hopefully)
  • Added ProjectRed Lighting module

  • Big Reactors to 0.4.0rc9
  • EnderTech to
  • JourneyMap to 4.0.5
  • MalisisDoors to 1.1.4
  • TConstruct to 1.7.0.build709
  • TiC Tooltips to 1.1.11b
  • Tinkers' Steelworks to 1.0.5
by Tonius at 8:24 PM (386 Views / 0 Likes) 5 Comments
A client update has been pushed to the launcher. Mostly updates and fixes, but a few new mods as well.
  • Added Greg's Lighting (floodlights)
  • Added ExtraCells
  • Added MalisisDoors (smooth vanilla doors and special new doors)
  • Added Thaumic Energistics
  • Various tweaks/fixes behind the scenes.
  • AE2 to rv1-stable-1
  • BiblioCraft to 1.8.2
  • Botania to r1.2-119
  • Computronics to 1.0.7
  • EnderTech to
  • OpenBlocks to 1.3-snapshot-434
  • Random Things to 2.1.4
  • Railcraft to
  • Tinkers' Construct to 1.7.0d3.1
  • Simply Jetpacks to 1.1.3
  • E-Mobile to 1.1.0
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Because there is some confusion around the tweaked ore generation in Alice 1.7, I have made a cheat sheet that explains where you can find which ores.

It's a quick draft at the moment, but I'll see if I can make it prettier and easier to read soon.

Ore Generation Cheat Sheet
by sk89q at 9:58 AM (382 Views / 0 Likes) 10 Comments
A client update was pushed.
  • Added our hacked together support for Java 8 with FML so you can now use Java 8 with the modpack.
  • Disabled VSync by default (only affects new players).
  • Added stern warnings about installing JourneyMap and shaders.
A server update was also pushed.
  • Fixed the friends list.
  • Disabled achievements in chat.
  • Reduced slot limit so the player list is readable again.
by sk89q at 8:49 PM (1499 Views / 9 Likes) 28 Comments

Westrend, our Alice 1.7 world, has launched!

Since we didn't tell anyone for the past month that this was coming, be sure to tell all your friends!

To play on Alice 1.7, connect with the familiar addresses:
  • alice.sk89q.com
  • alice.skcraft.com
Use the "Alice 1.7" profile in the launcher. As this is a whitelisted server, be sure to first apply if you aren't yet a member: http://apply.skcraft.com/apply

Release notes:
  • If you are crashing on launch or join:
    • If the error log shows "ConcurrentModificationException" and you are using a recent version of Java 8, install an older version of Java 8 or a version of Java 7. In the launcher's options, set the Java path to this older version.
    • In the launcher's options, set PermGen to 256 from 128.
    • Increase max memory in launcher options if you have available RAM.
  • If you are having extremely low frame rate (FPS):
    • Make sure that you did NOT choose to install JourneyMap.
    • Disable VSync.
    • Disable the texture pack.
    • Lower "Render Distance" under Video settings.
by Tonius at 7:42 PM (983 Views / 1 Likes) 0 Comments
The list of mods that will be initially available on Alice 1.7 is now public.

Please note that this is not the final list; mods may be added or removed during Alice 1.7's lifetime.

Read the mod list here.
by sk89q at 11:42 PM (253 Views / 0 Likes) 6 Comments
Vincent has been moved to the new server.

Because the IP address has changed, the hostnames that you are using (vincent.sk89q.com, etc.) may point to the old address for up to 24 hours, depending on your internet provider's cache policies.
by echo at 11:08 PM (204 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
Both Alice and Vincent are currently down due to a server migration. They will be up shortly.
by sk89q at 6:03 AM (478 Views / 0 Likes) 18 Comments
Backlogged whitelist applications have been processed.

Sorry for the delay!
by Pathaleon at 8:55 PM (242 Views / 0 Likes) 4 Comments
I am looking for a person knowledgeable in Railcraft to assemble a signalling/station setup for a project.

If you think you can lend a hand and have experience in this area please do PM me as I need someone desperately!

Thanks guys.
by sk89q at 2:07 AM (846 Views / 12 Likes) 24 Comments
In light of the recent news, I started the Sponge project:
by sk89q at 12:43 AM (1545 Views / 0 Likes) 68 Comments
So as you may have heard, Bukkit, the server mod that we use on both Alice and Vincent, is in trouble.

You can find out more information here:

As we have a copy of Cauldron, we should be able to launch Alice 1.7.

However, Vincent 1.8 is in trouble... if we are not able to use Bukkit, then we may not be able to run several worlds (or do a lot of other things). We would have to run vanilla Minecraft and we could only have one overworld; plus, all the Minecart stuff would break.
by sk89q at 4:43 AM (953 Views / 1 Likes) 34 Comments
We are planning to move the server again to an even faster server. The newer server, however, will be in Chicago.

I can't say when it happen, though maybe it will happen with Alice 1.7.
by Pathaleon at 1:09 PM (448 Views / 3 Likes) 13 Comments
Dimensional Doors has been removed and Alice is up once again!
by Pathaleon at 11:45 PM (745 Views / 1 Likes) 14 Comments
As you may have noticed the Alice server has been unavailable for around a week or so. This is due to an issue with dimensional doors that is not rectifiable. So this only leaves us with the option to remove the mod from the server so that it continues operation opposed to downtime.

Removal shall take place on Thursday 28th August.

Please report below on what you will lose and we will try our best to sort out refunding.

Apologies from the staff.