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Alice has returned!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by famerdave, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. famerdave Member

    I have finally successfully got the server back online, after several failed attempts. Please bare with us. Sk89q and me both are trying our best to keep the server online, and look for a new host for us.
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  2. MiLL New Member

    looks like need your attention again :)
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  3. Ryang100 New Member

    alice has been going down multiple times and lagging very badly. It makes game play Impossible. So please get a different host or something because you are losing players from the lag people in chat have said there leaving. ~Fletchmanjr
  4. MiLL New Member

    Don't really think someone care about someone who wanna to leave the server - this is not commercial project at this time, as I know...
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  5. Ryang100 New Member

    True but i love the server and not the lag and Nobody wants to come to a empty server -_-
  6. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    I think it could have something to do with noobs using cobblestone generators... why don't they just set up a quarry? :/
  7. Ryang100 New Member

    i use cobble Gens for the reason of quarrys Require more energy (not redstone clock) i have one for building material and Recycler (scrap)
  8. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    This server is the best modded server ever. Once you're here, you won't go on another one because there is no better server with the shitload of mods that are on alice.
    Once you go SK, you never go away.

    If you want to cry, it's ok.
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  9. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    Could it be that your Cobble gen was still working while you were afk/away? Did it maybe overflow? Do you use redpower pipes to transport the items?
  10. MiLL New Member

    Blieve me, ~40 cobblegens (limit of players on server) will never-ever make server to crash. But only one leaking quarry can do it in 10 minutes.

    EDIT: mean right cobblegen with RP2 breaker and pipes.
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  11. Ryang100 New Member

    i do indeed I have a Block breaker directly hitting the chest. Which is just A timer running when it is full So its Like RP2 Tubes. And it is currently using RP2 pipes Only (i hate BC Pipes In most cases.)
  12. Ryang100 New Member

    MiLL has a heck of a Point :)
  13. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    The problem with cobble generators is that you can run 1000 of them...that would lag the game a bit i think... and if you derped, you got a nice overflow in just a couple of seconds. Let's wait what the boss said, once he read the logs.
  14. sk89q Administrator

    • Moderator
    • Development Team
    It crashed because of Forestry. These mods are extremely buggy and it is amazing a server like this manages to even work sometimes.
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  15. gknova61 Farbes Lover

    Based on what you told me about the server has to utilize, i agree and all this time, i just thought that you were godly at optimizing a Minecraft server's performance.
  16. thtredstonegui Youtuber

    • Moderator
    I think you may have been referring to me when I said I was leaving. I didn't mean permanently, only until the lag was fixed or I felt like coming back. I think Millfreedom also said the issue was most likely Main Island (a.k.a. LagTown) drawing too much bandwidth.
    I recently moved house, and although theoretical download speed is the same, my download speed has been reduced to less than 0.6Mbps on average (I got 1.2Mbps before) and I think the amount off things going on in LagTown is causing my Internet to become overloaded with traffic causing frequent disconnections and severe lag. I think moving away from town (as millfreedom suggested) may help.
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  17. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    I will have to do this as well... thanks to my shitty internet connection. BUT MY HOUSE IS SO FABULOUS :/
  18. Ryang100 New Member

    So sk? Do you think we Should Stop using Forestry farms engines .Would you Un-Install It?
    Thanks if you read this.I know your busy. ~Fletchmanjr
  19. Alurios Active Member

    IF we remove forestry, any chance we can get Timber to replace it? You'd still be able to use all but a peat farm.
  20. MiLL New Member

    I have a quite different problem: my internet connection still can handle ~2M of traffic, BUT when I in LagTown my framerate (with "all excluded" options of OptiFine) drops to < 1 FPS causing me to unable to move.

    And it is helps already! ( >50 FPS )