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Alice update to 1.2.5

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sk89q, May 22, 2012.

  1. sk89q Administrator

    • Moderator
    • Development Team
    It has been a long time coming, but our Alice server has been updated to Minecraft 1.2.5! The list of mods that we are now running are:
    • BuildCraft 2.2.14
    • IndustrialCraft2 1.95
    • RedPower 2.0pr5b2 (all)
    • Forestry
    • Hot Air Balloons 2.1
    • Additional Pipes 2.1.3
    • Nuclear Control 1.1.6
      • Alarms may crash you during placement, one time
    • PowerConverters 1.3.4
    • RailCraft 5.2.0
      • TNT carts are disabled
    • Wireless Redstone 1.2.1 (Core and RedPower)
    • TubeStuff 48.2.1
      • Black Hole Chest does not function in SMP
    • Jammy's Furniture Mod 3.5
      • Dragon's Head has been disabled due to buginess
    To update, launch the SKCraft launcher as usual and you will be prompted to update. Be aware that your Rei's Minimap waypoints and settings will be deleted unless you first backup your mods/rei_minimap folder!
  2. Neonbeta Retired Player, Mod, MP Dev

  3. CJBay5 Appearently a Potato(?)

    I can't seem to update. :(
  4. sk89q Administrator

    • Moderator
    • Development Team
    What happens?
  5. technikhaus Member

    I updated but when i launch it i get the mahjong logo but then the screen goes grey. Any ideas what causes this? It affects offline play on both Alice and default as well.
  6. Kirazy An idle texturer

    Ah mah gawd Furniture. 8D

    But oh my god, the textures. So much to do!
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  7. Kirazy An idle texturer

    I should mention that IC2 machines fell on their faces, all of them, and will fall over again if you relog. Cables also won't stay painted.

    This is all a visual problem, however, the stuff works as it should.
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  8. Brandon DerpEgg

    It took like almost 40 seconds to update. What the hell is this, North Korea?!
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  9. CJBay5 Appearently a Potato(?)

    Never mind, I got it to work. For a while it just wouldn't update.
  10. Rahau Friendly Neighbor

    When I log on, it says "Cannot connect to update server. Would you like to play without updating?"
    I grrr it.
    Is the Jar file for alice avaliable for manual update anywhere?
  11. RyGuy147 Member

    Awww no BuildCraft striped pipe.
  12. CJBay5 Appearently a Potato(?)

    that's what I got Rahau. I ust kept on trying
  13. Rahau Friendly Neighbor

    Thanks CJ, that worked.
  14. lexex192 crazy dude # 1

    same here

  15. Ryang100 New Member

    This Update is what i have been Waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets Have Cake.

    I am offended By your Stupidity as you are Offended By My Profanity.
  16. Neonbeta Retired Player, Mod, MP Dev

    Yeah i think everyone was waiting for this.
  17. RyGuy147 Member

    Im sad about no striped pipes in BuildCraft.

  18. Neonbeta Retired Player, Mod, MP Dev

    So what, i bet no-one would use them anyway.
  19. RyGuy147 Member

    Its a block breaker and a deployer in one. I would.
  20. Neonbeta Retired Player, Mod, MP Dev

    There's the operative word there "I" as in "you"