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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sk89q, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. sk89q Administrator

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    Ruh-ro! Currently we are experiencing some difficulties with the server configuration (though the server and host are fine) and so they may be down for a while until I can figure out the problem (Java spawning too many GC threads / raising the proc limit).
  2. ryancowan1st Not that new

    i cant connect to the server it just says cant reach server
  3. V1ND1CT1V3 New Member

    You can't even log into the client after switching to "Alice" with the SKMC launcher, now. :S

    [edit] Never mind, client works now.
  4. ryancowan1st Not that new

    please hurry
  5. ryancowan1st Not that new

    i can
  6. LGuasso Community Helper

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  7. DarkMaterias Dark Materials

    Well well, no point in rushing it. I have no idea what the technical jargon you spewed out meant, but whatever it is, if it isn't taken cared of and the server is simply rebooted (if that's even possible at the moment), it's bound to come back to bite our asses sometime.

    So take your time and get it well and truly fixed. We'll all be here. Eagerly, patiently awaiting the server's return. Because we all so ronery without it.
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  8. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

  9. Cranimesao Administrator

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    I can't even turn my computer on, wait a second......
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  10. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    Good for you, i didn't even wake up today.
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