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Launcher Malfunctioning on Java 7 (OS X 10.8 - Mountain Lion)

Discussion in 'Suggest an Idea / Report a Bug' started by L4zyBrain, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. L4zyBrain New Member

    The video explains everything, I think :)

    Just a heads up in case somebody encounters the same problem.
    Thanks for the awesome servers!

    Kind regards,
  2. TexasGamer Administrator

    • Moderator
    I believe this is the same issue mentioned by sk89q in an earlier post. I don't know about the options window resizing, though.

    sk89q will be able to provide more insight, but unfortunately he is slow. :p
  3. L4zyBrain New Member

    I don't think that he was referring to the same issue since it says that it's already fixed but we'll see
  4. Neonbeta Retired Player

    This is yet another reason why I don't not update my OSX.
  5. L4zyBrain New Member

    There's always advantages and disadvantages when upgrading your OS but people that upgrade to Mountain Lion now will not have this problem. By default it comes with Java 6 (32bit) so the launcher works fine. Oracle does say Java 7 is the latest recommended build but it does not come with OS X unless you install it manually.
  6. Neonbeta Retired Player

    Yeah I really don't care. For the most of what I'm doing I will never be updating my OS X because new problems will always arrive.
  7. gknova61 Farbes Lover

    You don't get this problem with Windows.
    thtredstonegui likes this.
  8. Neonbeta Retired Player

    Yeah you don't. You get about a million other problems.
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  9. gknova61 Farbes Lover

    At least i can see my .minecraft folder :p
  10. Neonbeta Retired Player

    =.= Cool story bro.
  11. 0070071 Too many arguments with Neon/Shad, or about GT.

    Mac doesn't have a .minecraft folder, it's just called minecraft, which means that you can create your own without having to use Command Prompt
  12. Neonbeta Retired Player

    Yes he knows. He was just trolling me because a bit before he posted that he gave me a copy of his minecraft and he didn't remove the (.) so there was a hell lotta shit that went on.
  13. 0070071 Too many arguments with Neon/Shad, or about GT.

    oh lol

    like ur sig
  14. Neonbeta Retired Player

  15. Popsicle67 Active Member

    Hipster uses backtrack.
  16. Neonbeta Retired Player

    No one cares.
  17. gknova61 Farbes Lover

    Contributing to a necroer, committing a necro is punishable by slap, Shadow. You're an accessory to a necro!

    Wait a minute...
  18. Neonbeta Retired Player

  19. TexasGamer Administrator

    • Moderator

    Whoops, I contributed too.
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