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Manage your RedPower Control images

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sk89q, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. sk89q Administrator

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  2. RyGuy147 Member

    I'm not sure what that is, can you explain?
  3. sk89q Administrator

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    RedPower lets you setup computers that are modeled after a real-world microprocessor. There's a disk drive in RedPower that works with the computers, and this tool lets you upload a copy of a drive's data, or download a copy.
  4. Neonbeta Retired Player, Mod, MP Dev

    Must.. . .Resist. . . Urge. . . . To. . . .Flame.

    But yeah thats great sk, now maybe if i get round to it i'll upload something.
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  5. RyGuy147 Member

    OK, I figured that it would be something with computers.
    On another topic, will the recipes for computer parts be changed, because I have heard they are temporary.
  6. Neonbeta Retired Player, Mod, MP Dev

  7. ZetaNeta Member

    can you list all web tools you already made?
    becouse i didnt know bout that
  8. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    People use it to google it and find intresting things to add. Try.
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