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Official server texture pack

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sk89q, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. sk89q Administrator

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    • Development Team
    A while back, we tried to make an official texture pack based off of Jolicraft, but it didn't end well because we weren't able to fix some of the worse textures.

    I want to try again, but not use Jolicraft because that has gone off the far end due to 1.9's new lighting.

    Any suggestions for a pack to base off as an official server texture pack? I'm looking for color coordination, sufficient color contrast, good textures, sufficient colorfulness (not dull). We can mix textures between texture packs, but you have to make sure colors and texture match up, which tends to be difficult.
    • Painterly is very very dull in color and the texture pack might as well be completely grey, and many textures are simply not usable for building.
    • Jolicraft has become exceptionally yellow in the past few months, especially with 1.9's new yellowish lighting.
    • Old (smooth) SummerFields has some serious issues with textures, such as stone brick practically being cobble.
    • New SummerFields does not do color coordination as well as the old one.
  2. riv991 New Member

    Can i suggest dokucraft light, I know its a 32*32 texture pack but its so cool.
  3. Cranimesao Administrator

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    I suggest Default
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  4. Lemon New Member

    Well you can always edit Painterly ro make it brighter, not that hard
  5. sk89q Administrator

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    This is why I don't like DokuCraft:

    1.jpg 2.jpg

  6. Lemon New Member

    Seems legit o_O I like the use of pictures for a change. Yeah that does look pretty rubbish, I think we should edit painterly to make it brighter, or use SMP texture pack
  7. ThorSve33 New Member

    I use Sphax PureBD all the time, couldn't be happier. However, it is very cartoony, and the server building style doesn't necessarily coincide with cartoony. On the flip side, it seems that all of the textures blend together well and are all very "smooth"...it's worth a try.
  8. Brandon DerpEgg

    I like Crans idea to use default. Maybe we could edit the default to make it look prettier?
  9. thtredstonegui Youtuber

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    I am thinking of creating my own texture pack. Would only be done in my free time and I can't promise any progress would be made, but...
    It would probably be based on the default with some subtle, but noticeable changes, and some major improvements (like glass).
    However I do quite like a couple of Painterly Pack Textures (like the planks).
    One other thing though - DEFINITELY painterly creepers <3

    Suggestions appreciated!
  10. sk89q Administrator

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    • Development Team
    I don't like default. Colors go together, but it's kind of boring.
  11. Roflwaflz Caprinae

    • Moderator
    Painterly has plenty of options to make it not as bland, and it keeps the general feel of default without being nearly as terribad.
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  12. AuXDubz Machinima Director -

    yh, i love DukuCraft :D
  13. AuXDubz Machinima Director -

  14. prinzpommes Ex-Vincent Head-Admn

    well ... somthing different .. summerfields or misa! :D
  15. Jeremy New Member

    There's a cool texture pack called "Quandry" and you could pick through what kind of season you want and I usually pick summer or spring 'cause they're the brightest.
  16. Byron New Member

    I have one thing about Summerfields and Jolicraft, the hotbar just looks too broken to me. I know it's supposed to look like that, but it just annoys me. And, could anyone tell me the server IP, I was accepted and can't find it anywhere!
  17. dbh937 Omnomnomer

    Me and alex use obicraft. It's a 32-bit texture pack, but it's amazing. The one thing is that when you're wearing a pumpkin, you can see clearly. I don't know how much that'll affect gameplay, but I like the pack.
  18. krootlord A man walks in to a bar, ow...

  19. Alex Ruler of Universe (And Pommes)

    I love Obicraft too, but it hasn't been updated for 1.1 yet. For now I just use some cartoony ultra simple pack that definetly would not qualify as the official pack, but its nice. I think that we should wait until more packs get updated to 1.1 first.
  20. fxstriker Good Bye skcraft.