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Other games you play

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sk89q, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. sk89q Administrator

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    • Development Team
    What other games do you play?

    I sometimes play Left 4 Dead 2, and I've been playing Magicka with gretar123. I've also been playing Mass Effect 3 lately, and may get to Skyrim some day...
  2. Cranimesao Administrator

    • Moderator
    Currently only major game I have been playing is WoW with my boss.
    Waiting on the newest alice update and hopefully elimination of EE.
  3. sk89q Administrator

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    • Development Team
  4. Cranimesao Administrator

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    When you message me and say " Hey cran lets play some L4D2"
  5. gretar123 A robot

    • Moderator
    Iz been playin' some bf3, magicka wit sk!, and mass effect 2 a bit..
    If anyone has bf3 you can add me on battlelog: gressinn
  6. Cranimesao Administrator

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    Was that christmas when I bought that for you, or your birthday?
  7. gretar123 A robot

    • Moderator
    Christmas <3
  8. TexasGamer Administrator

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    Added! (TexasGamr)

    I play BF3, Skyrim, and pretty much anything that goes on sale on Steam :(
  9. SedanrA Moderator

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    I've been playing Gotham City Impostors a lot lately. Because it is aswesome. Srsly, give it a try. I also play Killing Floor, Heroes of Might & Magic (3 - 6), SW Jedi Academy and Frozen Synapse.
  10. Overloaderdave the most n00bish person ever

    I play... (mainly out of 77 games) Garry's Mod, Magicka, Terraria (we need a server on that game!), warhammer 40,000 dawn of war II: Chaos Rising, Portal 2, and some SC2 (supreme commander 2). all of these have multiplayer, and countless more also have it but those are the ones I usually play.

    actually, why not BFH? BFH stands for battlefield (BF) heroes...
    I forgot the most important! (everyone has this as F2P... why did they remove bonus if you payed for the game before?)... yeah its TF2
  11. AlphaLord250 Co-Owner of Omicron City

    World of Warcraft. I play that quite a lot...
  12. Alurios Active Member

    Magicka, L4D2, Gmod, WoW, Nuclear Dawn, Terraria, and over on ye olde ecks bawx ME3 and BF3. >.> The joys of being self employed.
  13. HankyPanky New Member

    Anyone got XBOX 360 ? :p add me hankfleck217
  14. DarkMaterias Dark Materials

    Left4Dead2 with a few old mates, every once in awhile. Sometimes solo or with strangers, but rarely. I was also replaying Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days a week ago, but haven't picked it up since.

    And that's ... all, I think. I have a backlog of games that I have yet to finish, and yet have no interest in touching. Minecraft has pretty much sucked up the rest of my video gaming time.
  15. pigrocket Member

    Ghostbusters 2 the MMO
  16. Rahau Friendly Neighbor

    For the Xbox- Mostly MW3 and Halo (Halos getting kinda lame though, no ones on anymore), but I have a myriad of other games I play. I have BF3 but I never got into it. My friends don't play it.
  17. Alurios Active Member

    I see how it is rahau I'm not your friend anymore. *launches a C-4 covered buggy at you*
  18. Rahau Friendly Neighbor

    What's your gamertag? Id be happy to play.
  19. Alurios Active Member

  20. TexasGamer Administrator

    • Moderator
    I know how you feel, except none of my friends have a nice gaming PC to play with me :( (on top of BF3)...