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Servers are back up

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sk89q, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. sk89q Administrator

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    • Development Team
    The servers are presently back up and running.

    To keep up on any other issues, you can also follow us:
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  2. Neonbeta Retired Player

    BLEH FACEBOOK, I hate facebook with a passion, but i overcame it to look at the page =.=
  3. TexasGamer Administrator

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    G+ is better (though empty) :eek:
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  4. Neonbeta Retired Player

    Hmmm I never really got into G+, I don't know why because people say its pretty good.
  5. Kirazy An idle texturer

    Social Media. /scorn
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  6. gknova61 Farbes Lover

    What do you guys have against Facebook? <3 Facebook
  7. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    Gk loves mainstream. What a mind changer.
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  8. Neonbeta Retired Player

    LOL my comp just decided to stop loading facebook after i decided i wanted to check the server's page,

    serves fb right.
  9. Andygame Ruler of the stuff

    Why can't I join the server?
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  10. Neonbeta Retired Player

    No idea, why can't you join the server?
  11. TexasGamer Administrator

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    Login servers are offline again. If you set it up, use offline mode. Otherwise, you'll need to wait it out.

    Facebook and Google+ pages already had this announcement ;)
  12. Neonbeta Retired Player

    lol texas xD
  13. Tr1pleRainbow New Member

    Hey guys i know im a newbie but what is the ip address?
  14. thtredstonegui Youtuber

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  15. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    I bet he will try skcraft.com/welcome as the IP