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Servers down until further notice

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sk89q, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. sk89q Administrator

    • Moderator
    • Development Team
    The servers are down until further notice due to escalating lag problems. We'll be moving servers soon.
  2. Neonbeta Retired Player, Mod, MP Dev

    Was it really that bad?, i only really noticed it on the main island and not in the nether or far away from the mainland.

    But did it really get so bad that everyone had to leave because i noticed there was no-one on like 5 minutes before the message saying that the servers were down?
  3. Brandon DerpEgg

  4. Michael I'm Mdcouron1996 :)

  5. EthanWit * GASP * I NEVER!

  6. xjugx New Member

    what do you mean moved?
  7. TexasGamer Administrator

    • Moderator
    Vincent and Alice are moving to a dedicated server with 32 GB of RAM (!). This will solve all lag issues and allow us to run even more servers (RPGs, GMod, James, etc.)
  8. TranceAddict Just another badass

    Good things come to those who wait. So lets wait for the new server, woots :D
  9. gknova61 Farbes Lover

    Only thing i see about the new server is the host thou and that it's based in Germany. About 10 people who play on the server will benefit from this and the rest of us are going to lag. The one thing i liked most about the server is that it's the only one that never lagged (for me). I have a blazing internet connection (like 40mbps dl speed and 10mbps up speed) but my location is pretty remote so the server would have to be based somewhere in California for me to get a decent ping. On the current server, i have a ping of 83ms when the server doesn't go to shit and make everyone pings in the thousands and on the new soon to be server, i have a ping of about 400ms, which i know that i am at fault for living in a remote location, away from any major datacenters. Oh wells, Americans on the server, prepare for regular server lag! Europeans, rejoice!
  10. sk89q Administrator

    • Moderator
    • Development Team
    Possibly the reason you didn't lag was because of my network tweaks to Minecraft.

    400ms is a lot though. Even thtredstonegui doesn't have ping that bad.

    Worse comes to worse, we can possibly move again.
  11. gknova61 Farbes Lover

    I figured you made some tweaks to optimize performance on that server. I mean 2gb ram allocated to a modded server running bukkit (even a custom one)... that would crash when 10 players join but with you, we have a 40 player limit. Your the best admin we can ask for sk!
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  12. xjugx New Member

  13. MaddyMousee New Member

    fxjgfxcjgvkhgdcg Kay.
  14. Brandon DerpEgg

    I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and it was good. So yeah, now I'm bored.
  15. Brandon DerpEgg

    I totally just realized my signature says "good grammar" which is improper.. Oh the irony.
  16. xjugx New Member

    i don't have anything to do until alice is back :(
  17. TranceAddict Just another badass

    Why is "good grammar" wrong ? enlighten me derp
  18. xjugx New Member

    why it says servers are up when i can't login alice???
  19. xXMadNessXx Beware of the MadNess

    You asked for it, Derp.
  20. Cranimesao Administrator

    • Moderator
    Aww I wanted to mine some :( Hopefully the move will be soon. I am looking forward to it.