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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sk89q, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. dhdzeke Member

    i have 2 free killing floor gift codes if any one wants 1
  2. gavin16ohya New Member

    Me? I mean if you dont need them!
  3. Neonbeta Stuff and Things!

    I'd be willing to take 1 off you hands, if your giving them away.
  4. Overloaderdave the most n00bish person ever

    I hate zombie games- dont even offer me them....
  5. Overloaderdave the most n00bish person ever

    TF2 is F2P on steam, you just download it free
  6. Alurios Active Member

    I'd be willing to trade me TF2 stuff for some games.
  7. Neonbeta Stuff and Things!

    Bleh tf2 =_=
  8. dhdzeke Member

    steam name
  9. dhdzeke Member

    steam name
  10. Neonbeta Stuff and Things!

    It should be the same as this, ShadowX69, if steam would stop being a ***** i could actually verify it.
  11. gavin16ohya New Member

    oh really? you mean it? thanks man!!!! it is Gavin16ohya