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Space to Build

Discussion in 'All Things Alice' started by RyGuy147, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. RyGuy147 Member

    Ive searched for a few days (Minecraft days) and found that there is nowhere on the main island to build. All land is taken. Will there be an expansion soon? And if not, where can I build?
  2. DarkMaterias Dark Materials

    Ry ... boat the hell out of main island in any direction, and you will come across land eventually. Any direction. The ocean biome looks like it stretches indefinitely, yes, but I assure you, there are large continents/islands beyond the main one. They're just ... very far out.
  3. Overloaderdave the most n00bish person ever

    very, all I found was a volcano 5000 blocks away... then drowned with the starting stuff!