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BuildCraft 2

BuildCraft 2
BuildCraft lets you pipe items between things. For example, you can pipe items from a chest into a furnace. You can also move liquids and BuildCraft's engine power around.

There is BuildCraft 3 (we use BuildCraft 2) but it's not yet ready for SMP. BuildCraft 3 is quite different and we will upgrade to it once it becomes stable for multiplayer.

How Pipes Work(top)

There are several types of pipes:

Powering the Pipes(top)

Wooden pipes will only suck items if you give it power. Obsidian pipes need power if you want to suck up items from a larger area. Power in BuildCraft comes from BuildCraft engines, and to power a wooden pipe or obsidian pipe, you'd just attach an engine next to it. There are several types of engines:
  • Redstone (slow, low power, but only needs redstone)
  • Steam (slow, higher total power, uses fuel)
  • Combustion (fast, high power; uses oil, fuel, or lava; can explode)
There are other sources of engine power, as provided by other Addons:
If you use a Redstone engine on a wooden pipe, the pipe will only suck up one item at a time. If you use a stronger engine, the pipe can suck an entire stack (64 items) in each cycle.

Connecting to Machines(top)

So connecting a pipe to a chest is pretty straight forward: just put it on any side. What about a furnace? Use the following set of guidelines:
  • Putting a pipe on the top will connect to the INPUT slot
  • Putting a pipe on the side will connect to the OUTPUT slot
  • Putting a pipe on the bottom will connect to the FUEL slot
So if you wanted to send ore to a furnace, you'd connect the pipe at the top. If you wanted to pull smelted ingots out, you'd connect to any side. You can pull from the input slot too, although you can only fit one pipe (there are still some tricks though).

Serious Problems(top)

Be aware that if you are pumping items into a furnace (or other block) and that furnace becomes full, all the items will spill onto the ground. Besides causing the loss of those items, it can create immense lag. Be sure that you never overflow the target block with too many items. One way to help fix that is to use the Advanced Insertion pipe (from Additional Pipes) so you can redirect overflow somewhere else (like lava).

You can also use RedPower pipes, which will not overflow.
Jul 17, 2012