Vincent updated to MC 1.11

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    Vincent has been updated to 1.11. The client in the launcher was also updated to 1.11.
    • Enderpouches do not work yet. You'll just lose the eye.
    • There is currently no other known broken feature -yet- but I'm sure we'll find some.
    • The client in the launcher has Forge but no shaders or other quality of life mods yet, but this should change soon.
    New in 1.11:
    • Something called 'maxEntityCramming' to prevent cramming too many entities (mobs, players, etc.) into one spot.
    • Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing enchantments. Also, cursed armor, tools, and books.
    • Two new "Illagers," a new form of villagers: Evokers or Vindicators. Evokers are a mini-boss. They are both unfriendly.
    • Something called a Vex that is summoned by Evokers.
    • Llamas in Extreme Hills.
    • New Observer block that acts as a BUD (block update detector).
    • New Shulker Box that acts a chest that keeps its contents when it is broken.
    • New Return portals in The End.
    • New Woodland Mansions generated in Roofed Forest biomes.
    • New Shukler Shell and Totem of Undying items.
    We plan a reset of The End and the mining world.