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Will I still be whitelisted after I change my username?

Last updated 4 years, 3 months ago

Yes, your whitelist status is linked to your Mojang account and not your username, so you will continue to be whitelisted. If you are logged into Minecraft during the name change, please logout and log back in for our servers to detect the change.

For the most part, most things will continue to function like normal, but you may encounter some challenges:

  • If you used lock signs to secure your chests, you will be unable to access your storage after the name change. Either remove the signs ahead of time, or please contact a staff member to remove those signs.
  • A small fraction of mods outside our control may be using your username to store their data. If you find your data to be reset (for example, remembered spells, etc.), please contact a staff member.

What You Can Do

Before you make the name change, you can remove your lock signs to make the transition quicker.