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How can I create a permanent particle emitter?

Last updated 4 years, 3 months ago

Please ask a staff member to create a permanent particle emitter. Find the particle that you want by browsing the Minecraft wiki.

For Moderators

Moderators can create a particle emitter using the following command:

/summon AreaEffectCloud ~ ~ ~ {Particle:"NAME_OF_PARTICLE",Radius:0.1f,RadiusPerTick:0f,Duration:2147483647}

In some cases, that command is too long for chat, so you will need to place a command block, place the command in the command block, and then use a Redstone level or torch to activate the command block.

To remove particle emitters within a radius of 10 blocks, use:

/kill @e[type=AreaEffectCloud,r=10]