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Chunk Claiming

Last updated 4 years, 5 months ago

You can claim entire chunks under your name, which prevents others from accessing your inventory, breaking blocks, or placing blocks within your area. Chunks are 16 by 16 block areas that extend from bedrock to the sky.

Creating a Party

First, you might want to create a party, which is like a list of friends. You can assign parties to a claimed chunk and then later add new members to that party.

To make a party,

  1. Choose a name for you party. Use a lowercase, simple name like "bobfriends"
  2. Run the /party create party_name command in chat.
  3. Add members to the party with /party add party_name username

Members you add can also add and remove members, but you can prevent this by adding "-m" to the command when adding:  /party add -m party_name username. If you've already added the member, remove the member first (with /party rememove party_name username).

Claiming Areas

Claiming consists of (1) selecting an area and (2) asking the server to claim your area.

  1. Stand in one corner. Say //pos1 in chat.
  2. Stand in an opposite corner. Say //pos2 in chat. Do not worry about how low or high your selection goes because it will be from bedrock to the sky.
  3. Type /claim party_name (or just /claim if you don't have a list).
  4. Say "yes" to the prompt.

Your first 25 or so chunks are completely free. If you need more than chunks than that, you may need to pay something like coal (it depends on what server you play on).

Unclaiming Areas

To unclaim an area, select an area first (see above), and then run /unclaim in chat.

Changing the Party

If you want to change the party of an existing claim, select the area first (see above), and then re-claim it with the claim command.