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Clearly everyone wants to contribute to the server code.
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Status update on Alice:

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We weren't able to finish the Alice launch this week, but we're doing the final touches on the modpack, pretty much done with world pre-generation, and spawn build is going along smoothly.

The biggest issue at the moment is that I have to rewrite all the core server code that provides the whitelist, bans, claims, friends and so on, in addition to writing a new block logger. This is no trivial task, but I do expect to finish by the end of this weekend. Most of this needed to be done eventually anyway, as all of the existing code is from 2011 and it's not prepared for things like username changes.

After Alice launch, however, Vincent will need to be turned off for a while as these new code changes will render Vincent incompatible with the new systems, so I will need time to prepare an update for Vincent.
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We will be building spawn in a few days most likely. If you are interested, please respond or send me a PM. Screenshots of your builds are welcome if you haven't been on the build team before.
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We are currently planning to release a new version of Alice sometime next week if all goes well.
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Path deleted a few members for reasons I'm not sure of yet, so I had to restore them from backup. I think everything is back to normal, but in case everything is not, the users affected were wolfenstein19, penagwin, assasin172, lordredstone, and progercbsk.

(Newer) profile posts for the affected users may have been lost in the process.
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Hey all!

As a member of the Dev Team, I'm looking at building the new Alice pack. Although we do have a new-ish 1.7 pack, it's a lot of the same.
So, my question is, would you guys be interested in something different for the new Alice pack? Not just more of the same, but something new!

Throw your suggestions at me in the comments!

~ LordRedstone
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TeamSpeak is hosted on OVH and OVH is currently having network connectivity problems.

The website may also be impacted, but the Minecraft servers shouldn't be.
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I've been less enthusiastic about playing Minecraft lately, so things have gone quite wayside here.
  • For the foreseeable future, I will keep both Alice and Vincent up.
  • For Alice, if it keeps running, we'd likely switch to a public modpack.
  • People who play on the servers now should probably add me on Skype. Please PM me to consider it.
  • If you want to be moderator, also PM me. Skype is necessary.
  • We still receive new member applications, but the queue for them now spans several months.
If you play GTA V on PC, PM me and we can heist together too.
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Well, Vincent is back again but I'm pretty sure the crashing is due to a specific someone logging on, but I'm not sure who yet. It's probably a bugged area.

Right now, Vincent is up, but if you are unable to connect after you see this, please post to this thread immediately.
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Vincent has been restarted.

I've been extremely busy recently so I haven't been able to be around. It's also been probably a month at least since I've looked at new member applications.
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Vincent and Alice are back.
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Vincent and Alice are temporarily offline for some unscheduled maintenance. They should hopefully be back within 15 minutes to 3 hours.
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I've been a bit busy and unavailable lately due to family medical problems, though I may have more time in the near future.