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She wont be up again till someone with console returns. I'd also like to take this time to remind you of the pending update


Sorry for the inconvenience, please stand by.

Server is Up!
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EDIT: It's up.

The server is currently down. The admins will need some time to resolve the situation. We will update this post with additional information when it is available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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The MapPad is now fixed!

If yours does not work, hover over the item and check to make sure that it reads :20 at the end (and not some other number). If it does not, you can buy a new one at spawn for regular Minecraft bread.


There is also a new record/radio shop at spawn on the edge of the market (farthest away from the farms) that sells various tuned crystals for various radio stations (Rock, Jazz, Classical, Ska, Punk, DnB, etc.).

The sold crystals can be inserted into the radios from OpenBlocks. In the future, you will be able to encode your own radio stations.

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If you had an area to move from the old Alice 1.6, please make a post in the Ask a Moderator forum, providing these details:
  1. The coordinates on the current Alice 1.6 as to where you want to place your build
  2. A screenshot of the destination area
  3. A link to your transfer request on the transfer request topic
  4. Some wishes as to how you may want your build to be placed that we will try our best to adhere too, but we can't make gaurantees
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We wish to update RotaryCraft soon to fix some quite annoying bugs. However, there comes an issue with doing this.

Due to some necessary changes in the code, the way engines, shafts and gearboxes are stored in the world files has changed a bit in the new RotaryCraft update. Unfortunately, this will break any currently placed engines, shafts and gearboxes. It is advised to remove these and keep them as items until the update is out.
To clarify, here's what will happen if you don't: before and after.

We understand that this could potentially be quite an annoyance to you, but we cannot avoid changes like this, and we don't want to miss out on important bug fixes either.

The update is currently scheduled to happen sometime on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014. Please take care of your machines before this date. As we have no way of knowing who is lying afterwards, there will be no refunds if any of your machines were still placed.
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You will be prompted to update upon launching the game.
  • Added Statues 2.1.1
  • Added SmallBoats 0.10.6
  • Updated Thaumcraft to 4.1.0f
  • Updated Gravitation Suite to 1.9.9a
  • Updated ProjectRed to
  • Enabled ProjectRed's Compat module, allowing more effecient ways of producing Red Alloy
  • Enabled a proxied ComputerCraft HTTP API
  • Added a way of obtaining Nether Stars
  • Fixed client crash caused by placing three blocks of wool in a crafting grid
  • Fixed Induction Smelter recipe for manyullyn ingots
  • Made RotaryCraft Mercury Items interchangeable with Thaumcraft Quicksilver
  • Better Grass and Leaves Mod configs will now be ignored when updating
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EDIT: It's back up.

The server is currently down. There is a specific block in the world that is freezing up the server whenever it is loaded. We are currently looking into ways to remove this block from the world.

Changing the block ID won't be good, because the block shares its ID with all other machines from RotaryCraft. This is why this particular issue is more complicated for us.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back later.
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A few minor changes and mod updates are being applied today. Here is a summery of the things we've changed:
  • Updated Mekanism to 6.0.22.
  • Updated PathoniusKit to
  • Buffed Mekanism generator output.
  • Replaced IC2 and Railcraft bronze and steel tools and armor with the Mekanism versions, and gave them roughly the same stats.
  • Modified Wee Flowers recipes so they produce dyes
  • Enabled Atomic Disassembler
  • Enabled ore doubling in the Smeltery, non-metal mattocks and modifiers increasing a tool's mining level
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At the moment, the MapPad (the map received at spawn) currently does not "completely work" -- the screen is a regular Minecraft map. However, the commands work (>homing, etc.). We'll look into fixing it.
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edit: New member applications have been processed. Sorry for the delay.


Introducing the new and improved Alice 1.6

A message from the ModPack team.

The ModPack Team has been working for the last two weeks on rolling out a re-balanced and much improved version of Alice 1.6. There are some significant changes in the pack this time around, and there is a lot to be excited about. We've added a large number of new mods, retired a few, and brought back several other favorites from the past.

What started out as a humble re-balance and map reset has turned into an update of grandiose proportions. Even so, balancing resource scarcity and relative "toughness" has remained one of our top priorities throughout this update.

Our goals

With this update, the ModPack Team hopes to present players with increased focus on exploration and creativity in their gameplay. Mind you, we are by no means forcing you to discover and explore the plethora of amazing new dungeons added by mods like ChocolateQuest, nor are we saying that you must use all the brand new and brilliant blocks from Carpenter Blocks or Chisel mod. (Promise.)


However, this re-balance isn't a simple, static update. Over the next several months, mods will be added, content further balanced, new mechanics created, and so forth, long after the mod pack's initial release. Once you get on now, you may notice that a handful of items, blocks and other mechanics – from new and old mods alike – aren't currently enabled or implemented. Time constraints have required that we focus on critical issues, and set aside some features for inclusion in future updates.

That said, let’s see what’s been changed!

What's new

We hope that you don’t have to simply repeat the same work that you may have done previously, and so we’ve made a plethora of changes to the modpack.

To begin, we’ve replaced Extra Biomes XL with Biomes O' Plenty, and we have padded the world with neat world generation mods like BigTrees! Finding that perfect place for you base should prove to be a bit more fun this time around.

As far as technology goes, our “big end game” mod, GregTech is currently no longer a part of the mod pack. It wasn't easy to do — simply removing such a monolith of a mod — but we have added two equally large mods, specifically, Mekanism and RotaryCraft. (And in time, we intend on adding Atomic Science and a few other mods.)


Possibly the biggest change, however, is that automated mining methods such as quarries have been removed from the modpack (a few of the bee species are also affected similarly). Surely we are nuts? But wait — we have shifted the direct focus of mining and resource gathering back to tools. Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe wielding one-man quarries... Oh my, power trips are quite indubitably great for your health. Don’t enjoy mining at all? We’re writing our own share of mods that help you trade resources in a much larger quantity via the market, but you’ll have to hold as we figure that out. It’s an experimental idea, and it might not even work out, but we’d like to try it.

Spawn shops will now be regulated by a "necessity" rule. Simply put, spawn will no longer sell items for the sake of convenience, but will instead sell items that cannot be obtained due to the likes of disabled mechanics and so forth.

There’s many more changes than those that we’ve mentioned, so for a more in-depth look, you can check out this spreadsheet that compares the old mod packs' mods with our new, re-balanced modpack.


The future

As previously mentioned, this mod pack update isn’t a “static” update. Content will be added, possibly removed, and so forth. Here’s a quick taste of possible additions to Alice later down the line…

The mod Dimensional Doors was a hot topic during the entirety of this new update. Exploring through the very fabric of space and time, conquering dungeons and solving puzzles along the line. All with the added functionality of being able to create very own personal pocket dimensions? I’m sold. All of these mechanics may seem simple at first, but their applications are from it. Hence, it was decided that we defer Dimensional Doors for a later update.

Another great mod that wasn’t added yet is Twilight Forest. Exploration and adventure is a key gameplay mechanic of Minecraft, and in order to improve on said exploration, the ModPack Team decided to bring dimensional mods into the exotic flavour of SKCraft. Twilight Forest isn’t the only such mod that was considered, others such as Tropicraft were also part of our daily discussions. In the end, however, they were deferred for a later update.

As you can see, the mod pack isn’t a set-in-stone, absolute true form of it’s existence. New content will most certainly be added, current content modified, so don’t stop suggesting, and keep the new mods rolling!

Thank you!

We understand this mod pack was a huge inconvenience for everybody involved, both the players and the ModPack Team alike. In the light of all this, we would just like to thank everybody for sticking with us to the end!

We hope that you, the players, have as much fun playing the new mod pack as we, the ModPack Team had building it!

Release notes

  • If you find the new trees too funky, use F9 or F10 to adjust the settings. It takes some getting used to, but you can grow to enjoy it!
  • We'd like to thank Lord_Drahcir's friend, Nox, for the launch screen.
  • We will be moving builds later in the week when we get some time. In the mean time, find a place to settle and play with some of the new mods.
  • Withers are not yet properly spawning in the Nether; we're going to look into it.
  • The Bazaar is not yet open. It will be rebuilt anew.
  • Some of our trading mechanics are still in the works!
  • Go to the Welcome Center in the market in order to get an Ender Cup that will put you randomly far from spawn if you drink it.
  • Sorry, we don't have GammaBright this time. This is partly because some of the new mods added appear to break it.
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We're almost ready to push the update! It should possibly done within the hour, but it largely depends how quick we can push old Alice's files off and replace them with the new ones.
by sk89q at 5:10 AM (462 Views / 0 Likes) 12 Comments
We have some bad news to report:

Something went wrong with the world pre-generation and we'll have to retry it one more time, so we'll have to reluctantly push launch until sometime tomorrow. Aside from that, everything else should be expected to be ready. It's most unfortunate that we have missed the weekend, but we'll still be working on preparing the server and modpack until then.
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We would like to push the update / rebalance as soon as possible; however, I'm currently pretty busy this weekend (and the following week), and today's power outage that also fried my computer's power supply did not help, so the timeline for the update has been somewhat complicated.

That said,
  • The goal is still release this weekend and as early as possible.
  • Before we go forward with the update, we have to pre-generate the world, but I'm expecting (and hoping) that it will be completed within the next 12 hours.
  • We will have to defer some mods until I can deal with some of their associated issues (Twilight Forest, and so on).
  • For some mods that we really wanted to add, they appear to have some critical bugs that are not yet fixed. While we could possibly fix those ourselves, that will have to wait as well. In the mean time, those mods will have to wait.
  • We may not be able to move over the builds until this coming Thursday or Friday, pending my availability. In the mean time, you still have to find a place to live, and you can begin exploring the new mods.
If all things fall into place correctly, we should be up and running within the next 15 hours.
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As an update, we are currently considering these mods (as in, they are on the table, but they are not necessarily going to make it into the modpack).

Many of them will not make it due to:
  1. Game breaking bugs
  2. Balance problems
  3. Serious annoyance
  4. etc.
If there is a mod that is not in the list that you would like us to consider, please suggest it. If there is a mod that you think we should really add that's in the list, please also make a post about that.

So without further ado, here is the list (as of writing, 47% are still under consideration, and the verdict of 55% have been decided upon):
  1. Additional BuildCraft Objects
  2. Additional Pipes
  3. Advanced Genetics
  4. Advanced Machines
  5. Advanced Solar Panels
  6. AliceFixes
  7. Antique Atlas
  8. Applied Energistics
  9. Aquaculture
  10. Ars Magica
  11. Atomic Science
  12. Backpacks
  13. BattleTowers
  14. Better Farming
  15. BiblioCraft
  16. Big Reactors
  17. BigTrees
  18. Binne Mods
  19. Biomes O' Plenty
  20. Blood Magic
  21. BuildCraft
  22. Carpenter's Blocks
  23. CCLights2
  24. CCScanner
  25. ccSpeaker
  26. Charge Pads
  27. ChickenChunks
  28. Chisel
  29. Chocolate Quest
  30. Circuit Mod
  31. ComputerCraft
  32. CraftHeraldy
  33. CraftingSuite
  34. Crossbow Mod 2
  35. Custom NPCs
  36. Custom-Branding
  37. Custom-Codex
  38. DartCraft
  39. DartPatch
  40. Deadly World
  41. DecoCraft
  42. Defense
  43. Dimensional Doors
  44. Electric Magic Tools
  45. Ender IO
  46. Ender Storage
  47. Engineer's Toolbox
  48. EnhancedPortals
  49. Extra Utilities
  50. ExtraBiomesXL
  51. Farlanders
  52. Fiat Lux
  53. FlatSigns
  54. Forestry
  55. Galacticraft
  56. Galvanized
  57. Gany's Nether
  58. GasCraft
  59. GateCopy
  60. Gendustry
  61. Glenn's Gases
  62. Gopher's Peripherals
  63. Gravitation Suite
  64. Greg's Lighting
  65. GregTech
  66. Growthcraft
  67. Hardcore Ender Expansion
  68. HarvestCraft
  69. Held's Peripherals
  70. High Pressure Tanks
  71. Highlands
  72. Immibis's Peripherals
  73. IndustrialCraft2
  74. Infernal Mobs
  75. InfiniBows
  76. Iron Chests
  77. Item Scanner
  78. JABBA
  79. Jammy Furniture Mod
  80. Lantern mod
  81. Legendary Beasts
  82. Light Bridges
  83. Magic Bees
  84. Magical Crops
  85. MapWriter
  86. Mariculture
  87. Mekanism
  88. Metallurgy
  89. Mexican Mod
  90. MFFS (Calclavia's version)
  91. Minechem
  92. Minecraft Comes Alive
  93. MineFactory Reloaded
  94. MineTweaker
  95. MiscPeripherals
  96. Modular Furnace 2
  97. Mystcraft
  98. Natura
  99. Natural Absorption
  100. NBTEdit
  101. NEIAddons
  102. NetherX
  103. Nuclear Control
  104. ObsidianPlates
  105. OmniWrench
  106. OpenBlocks
  107. OpenPeripheral
  108. OptiLeaves
  109. Painter's Flower Pot
  110. Pathonius Inc. Toolkit
  111. Plugins for Forestry
  112. Portable Recharger
  113. Portal Gun
  114. Power Converters
  115. ProjectRed
  116. qCraft
  117. Railcraft
  118. ReactorCraft
  119. Red I/O
  120. Redstone Arsenal
  121. Remote IO
  122. Roguelike Dungeons
  123. RotaryCraft
  124. SecurityCraft
  125. Shipwrecks
  126. Simple Recycling
  127. SmallBoats
  128. Smart Moving
  129. Sorrowful Penguin
  130. Speech synth peripheral
  131. Steve's Carts
  132. Steve's Factory Manager
  133. Sticky Redstone
  134. Super Crafting Frame
  135. Switches
  136. Text Formatting
  137. Thaumcraft
  138. Thaumic Tinkerer
  139. Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI
  140. Thermal Expansion
  141. Tinkers' Construct
  142. Torch Lever
  143. Traincraft
  144. Translocator
  145. Treecapitator
  146. Truss Mod
  147. TubeStuff
  148. Twilight Forest
  149. Underground Biomes
  150. Unique Artifacts
  151. Universal Electricity
  152. UsefulFood
  153. Vein Miner
  154. Vending
  155. Voice Chat Mod
  156. Wireless Redstone
  157. Witchery
  158. XACT
  159. You Will Die
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Here's an update on the rebalance:
  1. We expect to complete as soon as possible: We are aiming to finish before the middle of the coming week, but we want to finish as soon as possible. It should not take more than a week from today.
  2. Resets like this are unheard of: We've been running servers since 2010 (modded since early 2012) and this has never happened before. While I have historically helped or built the modpack myself, I was mostly absent during the creation of 1.6's modpack due to time constraints, but now I'm able to afford some free time.
  3. We'll try to make it up with new gameplay: The new world may be... considerably different... in gameplay mechanics after the reset. The emhpasis will still strongly be on automation, but we're going to swapping (big) mods, adding new ones, and removing some. We're trying to make it up for everyone giving you all something substantially new to play with, whether you like automating, adventuring, decorating, building, or achieving end-game.
  4. If you regret losing all the work on machines: You're probably going to be building entirely different machines. A lot of the machine work (and recipes) that you have done is not applicable on the new modpack, so the amount of work that you will be repeating will be minimal.
  5. If you regret losing all the work on Thaumcraft: Well, I know nothing about Thaumcraft. :p People who do are working on that, however.
If you have been absent, we have reluctantly decided to "redo Alice 1.6." This is because the balancing in 1.6 has been particularly broken and the modpack has been our most conservative yet (changing very little from MC 1.5). In order to make things right, we're going to rebuild the modpack and relaunch. We are providing you the opportunity to transfer over aesthetic builds.