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Alice has been restarted (or is restarting as we speak).
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A long-term goal has been to make all of our old worlds available for download, but only now am I able to say that I expect to make most of our past worlds available within the next week.

The one exception is Alice 1.0, as I do not believe that I hosted that server and I don't appear to have any copy of it. Alice 1.0 had the free IC2 power provided at spawn. (Alice 1.2.5 was the ocean world.)

Other than that, however, you will be able to download:
  • MC Alpha 1.1: World 1 - creative/survival first world
  • MC Alpha 1.2: World 2 - survival world with dock spawn, first server with logic gate mods in Minecraft
  • MC Beta 1.1: World 3 - short-lived survival world with university near spawn
  • MC Beta 1.2: World 3.5 - survival world
  • MC Beta 1.3: World 4 - creative world with high rise city
  • MC Beta 1.4 to 1.7:
    • Vincent (survival):
      • Balton - with extensive rail network
      • Ozzar - secondary world
      • Skylands
    • James (creative):
      • 6.5 - dock spawn, mini-games
      • Test world - Redstone testing
      • Valenfall
  • MC Beta 1.8:
    • Vincent 1.8:
      • Welwyn - city spawn with church, library
    • James 1.8:
      • Main world
      • Private test world
      • Public test world
  • MC 1.0-1.1:
    • Vincent 1.0:
      • Welwyn - continued on from 1.8
      • Summerhold
      • Gateway world
    • James 1.0:
      • Main world
      • Public test world
      • Public test world
    • Alice 1.0:
  • MC 1.2:
    • Vincent 1.2
    • Alice 1.2.5 (Velendell)
  • MC 1.3:
    • Vincent 1.3
    • Alice 1.2.5 - continued
  • MC 1.4: Alice 1.4
  • MC 1.5: Alice 1.5
I also hope to make a list of warps, homes, points of interests, and lists of chunk claims available whenever applicable.
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Is anyone interested in playing Left 4 Dead 2 with us?
  • You can be bad at the game. We don't care.
  • You can be good too, but don't be a drama queen.
  • The game frequently goes on sale for $5 USD, so don't bother buying it for $20 USD.
If you're interested, add me on Steam: sk89q
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Vincent's lag was fixed. There were over 1,000 chickens at spawn.
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Good news, fellow players the Alice minecraft server is operational once again.

Unfortunately, this does mean that Chocolate Quests did get the boot. We can't keep getting sk to fix it everytime we discover something else is causing errors within the mod.

Have fun and enjoy.

Very Sorry for the inconvenience and downtime!
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Alice is currently DOWN.

The server is having technical difficulties (crash problems) brought on by, once again, Chocolate Quest. The server will be down until we can prepare a fix.
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Alice was restarted!
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Here's a guide to Vincent's rails. Be sure to use the Dynmap as a reference.

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We are planning to reset the mining world and The End on May 11 (at any time on that day, Pacific Daylight Time). Please make sure anything valuable that you have placed in those worlds is removed by that date.

In addition, we are considering resetting the Nether on that date. Please make comments regarding the change on this thread.
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It's time for an update again! This update contains a lot of things. There is some important changes in there, so please be sure to read it all.

- ChickenChunks (more info below)
- Simply Jetpacks 0.1.2 (formerly a part of Pathonius Inc. Toolkit)
- TiC Tooltips 1.1.4
- TubeStuff 57.1.3
- Tubes! 1.1.3

- Vending
- Lantern Mod
- EnhancedPortals 3
- Red IO (incompatible with ComputerCraft 1.6)

- ComputerCraft to 1.63 (more info below)
- Mekanism to (more info below)
- VoxelMap to the latest version
- NHAVE's Core to 1.0.1
- NHAVE's OmniWrench to 1.2.1
- Aardappel to 1.3.2 (formerly Pathonius Inc. Toolkit)
- DragonAPI to v20g
- RotaryCraft to v20f
- Mariculture to 1.2.1e
- Enchiridion to 1.1 (Try the book binder!)
- ProjectRed to
- Tinkers' Construct to 1.5.5d3
- Tinkers' Mechworks to 0.1.6
- Antique Atlas to 3.1
- Immibis's Peripherals to 57.1.0
- OpenModsLib to 0.4-184
- OpenBlocks to 1.2.7-364
- OpenPeripheral Core to 0.3.3-118
- OpenPeripheral Addons to 0.1.3-95
- Big Reactors to 0.3.2a
- Simple Recycling to 57.2.0

- Slimes from mods should no longer crash VoxelMap's radar
- Enhanced Portals no longer kick players on usage
- Some fixes to certain IC2 crafting recipes
- Players should be less flatulent

- Nerfed some Mekanism generators a bit
- Nerfed Wind Turbines and disabled their recipe
- Wind Turbines can be pulverized to get iron and gold back
- Disabled Igneous Extruder crafting
- Igneous Extruders can be pulverized to get Transfer Nodes and Mining Upgrades
- Disabled Mekanism item pipes
- Cardboard Boxes can no longer pick up nodes
- Enabled random menu background textures
- Named animals no longer display death messages on death
- Harvesters are less power hungry
- Meat ingots are a better food source
- Deep Storage Units are cheaper
- Disabled Last Stand enchantment
- Disabled Flim Flam enchantment
- Big Reactors can now be 48 blocks high
- Slightly buffed big reactors, but also slightly increased fuel usage
- Enabled Vacuum Hoppers
- Disabled electric floodlights

Yes, chunkloading has been enabled once more. Everyone can keep a maximum of 11 chunks loaded. The chunks will only load when the owner is on the server. The idea is to be able to have your machines work when you're playing, while not requiring you to be at home all the time.

This update is a big one. A lot of things have changed internally in ComputerCraft. Without a doubt, some programs or setups will break because of this, so don't be surprised if your code breaks.

Because of a change in this mod, IC2 machines will not be able to output power into Universal Cables. To still have this functionality, you will have to connect a cable to the output face of an EU storage block. After that, you need to set the Universal Cable to PULL mode using a Configurator.

Note that this is unrelated to cables not being able to power IC2 machines. This is fixed now.
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Earlier today, we experienced what appears to be a network outage which caused temporary disruptions to Alice, Vincent, and SKCraft.com. As of 1:30 PM EDT the network has returned to normal, and service has been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience!
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Here's a new round of updates to Vincent!
  • It will now take a little longer for you to deplete your hunger bar.
  • Upon dying, your death coordinates will be printed to your own chat.
  • Yellow wool booster blocks now boost more gradually.


Stations from Vincent of yesteryear are back, but now you place green wool underneath the tracks to mark a station.


The purpose of stations is that they put your Minecart into a constant reduced speed (after several ticks, at least), which makes it easier to get off. When disembarking from a station, your Minecart will also be removed from the world. Should you stay in your cart through the station, you will start gradually speeding up after you leave the station.

Station Dispensers

It may be conceivable that you may want to be able to get back onto the track and continue down one of the directions. Fortunately, you can also place a dispenser below the track and activate it as you have before (at the terminus of a track).


The dispenser will dispense unlimited carts onto the rail with a velocity in the direction of the dispenser's forward face.

For those who are not very well versed in Redstone, the pressure plate activates the Redstone wire two blocks below it. Because we can't simply run a wire from the plate to the dispenser (the wire wouldn't point "into" the dispenser), a Redstone repeater is used.
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I made a patch for ComputerCraft and Alice is now working again.
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The server is currently down, and will continue to be down until further notice due to an issue with ComputerCraft. The Mod Pack Team is working to resolve the issue and we hope to have the server back online at the soonest possible opportunity. Please check back here for the latest information as it become available.

UPDATE: The server is now online!
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Here are some updates regarding Vincent.

Portal Support

Now you can send Minecarts through Nether portals with passengers! (Minecraft normally does not let you do this). You don't have to worry about which side of the destination portal the rail is on either: the code I've written will detect an adjacent rail to the portal (so only put one) and send the cart away from the portal.



Remember that dispensers with Minecarts will dispense unlimited carts. In addition, if you are standing on a pressure plate adjacent to the rail when an (empty) cart passes by, you will be put into that cart.

One way to build a station is seen below.


Remember that you can use yellow wool underneath the tracks as boost blocks.


Railway Guidelines

If you're building a railway, try to follow these guidelines:
  • Avoid many elevation changes in a short distance.
  • 2014-04-18 19_25_19-MineDraft.net.png
  • Group together several elevation changes.
    2014-04-18 19_26_14-MineDraft.net.png
  • Avoid just putting a railway high up.
    2014-04-18 19_27_09-MineDraft.net.png
  • Inset the railway into the ground for long distances whenever you can.
    2014-04-18 19_28_13-MineDraft.net.png
Basically, you want rails to be as straight as possible for as long as possible, and then perform turns or elevation changes all at once.

Here are some examples:
  • To maintain elevation, a bridge is used: elevation.jpg
  • Elevation changes are grouped together here: group.jpg
  • A path was chosen so that it could be as straight for as long as possible: