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One of the authors of a custom plugin left a debug recipe in the mod. The author sent us an emergency fix for said recipe, and the server should be back up momentarily. You will need to update your client (again). This will be a small update thankfully.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
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After much debate the Mod Pack Team has decided that due to substantial performance issues
Ender IO will be removed from the Alice pack on February 15, 2014.

While Ender IO provides many useful features, unfortunately this mod is responsible for a substantial portion of the performance issues users are experiencing on the server.

We strongly recommend that you convert any and all systems using Ender IO immediately to prevent any issues with your base when the mod is removed. Systems not converted by February 15, 2014 will stop functioning.

An NPC will be available at spawn to convert Ender IO items to comparable items from another mod in the very near future. (Shop now open, see below)

I would like to remind you all that the MPT does it's best to prevent situations like this from occurring, but unfortunately, we have exhausted all other options when it comes to Ender IO. We will continue to re-evaluate Ender IO in the future, and should the performance issues with the mod be resolved at a later date, we will explore re-adding it to the pack in a future update.

Thank you all for your understanding.

UPDATE: There is now an exchange shop set up at the Greenwell Market in spawn. The shop is on the south side across from the library and post office area.

Exchange Ratios:
  • Conduits are exchanged 1:1 based on tier/category.
  • Materials are exchanged at a ratio of 1:2, since the NPCs can only give one item back.
  • Dusts are exchanged 1:1 for the equivalent dust or material
  • The 1:2 ratio helps cover the cost of the additional materials needed in the smelter.
  • Machines are traded for a machine with the closest equivalent from Thermal Expansion. If no equivalent exists, the machine will be traded for Diamonds.
Moderator Exchanges:
NPC's will not accept certain items due to NBT data. Please contact a moderator to exchange the following items.
  • Dimensional Transceiver to Tesseract - 1:1
  • Capacitor Bank to Energy Cell - Based On Power Storage
    • Exchanges will give you total energy storage equal to or greater than the total storage of all capacitor banks exchanged based on the following values:
      • 1 capacitor bank holds 5,000,000 RF
      • Hardened Energy Cells hold 2,000,000 RF
      • Redstone Energy Cells hold 10,000,000 RF
  • Enderfaces will be exchanged for 6 diamonds.
If you find that any trade is missing, please comment on this post and it will be added. I think I've covered everything.
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Alright everyone, it's come time for another update to the Alice pack. This update, titled Arpent, addresses several issues users have been reporting over the past few weeks, and also makes a few balance changes in regards to Gendustry.
  • Update NEI Addons to
  • Update JABBA to 1.1.0d
  • Update GregTech to 4.08f
  • Update IC2 to 2.0.383-Experimental
  • Update Steves Factory Manager to Alpha 55
  • Update MineFractoryReloaded to 2.7.5
  • Update Enhanced Portals to 3.0.0 Beta 4d
  • Update MobiusCore to 1.0.5
  • Update Opis to 1.1.3-alpha
  • Update Waila to 1.4.5
  • Update AliceFixes to 2.0.0
  • Add FlatSigns
  • Add RecipeConfAPI 1.0.0
  • Disable Ender IO Recipes (See This Post)
  • Disable Applied Energistics Spatial Storage related recipes
  • Re-balance Gendustry
  • Reduce GregTech Processing Times
  • Increase range of AE Wireless Boosters and reduce wireless power usage
  • Other various behind-the-scenes changes
As usual, please report any issues you come across to the Mod Pack Team so we can address them in a future update or hotfix.

DYK: An Arpent is a unit of measure from the pre-metric era in France used to measure length and area. 1 Arpent is equal to approximately 192 feet. The arpent is still used today in parts of Canada and the United States.
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Any Trade-O-Mats that share a side (touching top/bottom or sides) will treat adjacent Trade-O-Mats as valid inventories, such as a chest would. That means that if one Trade-O-Mat offers an item, and a touching Trade-O-Mat wants that item for a trade (or vise-versa) it will grab it, and complete its trade. This can and will cause bad looping of trades and loss of items for players.

Those of you with touching Trade-O-Mats will probably see lock signs on them. They were added by a Moderator to protect you and your customers. Ask a Moderator (see this) to remove the Trade-O-Mats when you have the time to update your shop. All Trade-O-Mats need to be spaced one block apart until this bug is fixed.
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An update has been made available for Alice! Your client will be updated during launch.
  • Updated Pathonius Inc. Toolkit to 1.2.0
  • Updated Industrial Craft² to build 380
  • Updated GregTech to v4.08b
  • Updated EnderIO to v0.7.2.190
  • Updated Forestry to
  • Updated Immibis Core to 57.1.93
  • Updated denLib to 3.2.6
  • Updated NEI Addons to
  • Updated Thaumic Tinkerer to 2.1-68
  • Updated Enhanced Portals to Beta 3B
  • Updated Steve's Factory Manager to a44
  • Updated Additional BuildCraft Objects to
  • Updated JABBA to 1.1.0a
  • Added Gammabright (Liteloader)
  • Removed Nether Eye (Use Golden Eyes)
  • Array Modules are now enabled.
  • Translocators are no longer craftable.
  • Computer Recipes now use ingots not plates.
  • Duck Antennas no longer conflict with Hang Gliders.
  • Nether Stars are now craftable.
  • GenDustry has balance changes. (Subject to Change)
  • Crane Backpacks are disabled.
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I have finally compressed and uploaded the world. It is available to download from the following links: (Each part is 500MB)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13

Please note these are rar files so you will NEED WinRAR or a variant.

Thanks to gknova61 for hosting the files!
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Our ComputerCraft FTP server should now be back up (and pointed at Alice 1.6), though I have not tested it.

Note, however, that the skcraft-authorize program has not yet been added to Alice 1.6, so you will have to create the necessary files manually.
  1. Create a .skcraft folder in the root of your computer's filesystem.
  2. Create a label file in the .skcraft folder and in it a name for the computer (stick to basic ASCII characters).
  3. Create a users file in the .skcraft folder with each line being a forum name of a user that you want to provide access for.
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We're probably going to increase the "timeout" on ChickenChunk-loaded chunks from 15 minutes to perhaps 24 hours. If everything still seems to run fine and dandy after that, then we'll extend the time even more. If not, then we'll roll it back.
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After some debate, we are pushing an update to Alice to limit chunk loaders in hopes of increasing server performance and improving your gameplay experience. The new limitations on chunk loaders are as follows:
  • Maximum of 25 force-loaded chunks per player.
  • Chunk loaders are now capable of loading up to 25 chunks.
  • Chunks will only load when you are online.
  • Chunks will automatically load when you log in.
  • Chunks will automatically unload 15 minutes after the owner of the chunk loader goes offline, and on server restart.
These limits may be subject to change as we go forward depending on server performance.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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In related news, apparently the new(ish?) Minecraft EULA contains three interesting terms (summarized by me):
  1. For "any content available on or through" Minecraft that you make, you must give Mojang full rights to your work.
  2. In addition, you also must make your work open source.
  3. You cannot make money from Minecraft in any way, shape or form.
From a legal perspective:
  • By making a mod or addon for MC, you do create a derivative work.
  • Creating a derivative work does not mean that they can automatically open source your work.
  • You are still in the legal wrong if you create an unauthorized derivative work without license.
From a moral perspective:
  • Yes, there are a lot of pay-2-win servers out there are that are fairly greedy.
  • Yes, perhaps mods should be open source.
However, that is an entire debate in that of itself, and whether you believe that this is right or wrong, I find that the practical situation is of considerably greater importance.

From a practical perspective:
  1. They cannot actually prevent you from physically releasing something that violates those terms.
  2. However, they can revoke your Minecraft accounts.
  3. They can choose to sue you on basis of an unauthorized derivative work.
  4. They can make it hard for others to install 'unauthorized' software.
From a realistic perspective:
  1. They may not choose to actually sue anyone.
  2. There will always be people who "break the rules."
  3. However, this has the chilling effect that fewer (considerably?) people will write mods/plugins/addons/etc. for Minecraft. Almost no one benefits from this situation.
In comparison:
  • Valve, who is known to be friendly to modders, as well as many other companies, have far less draconian terms. You own the content that you make, and Valves provides a license to you to use their IP as necessary.
  • If I recall correctly, Notch's original stance was that mods that you make for Minecraft are yours, but this was not codified in a legal document.
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Right now, chunk loader-loaded chunks are never unloaded. They persist in-memory forever, even between server restarts. This is obviously slowly taking a toll on the server, and it will eventually bring the server to a crawl.

Alice 1.6 has been performing fairly well overall, compared to previous versions, so there are no plans to disable chunk loaders. However, something must be done about these forever-chunks.

As it has been suggested in the past, it would be ideal that chunks be unloaded after some sort of time out since an player-specific event. For an implementation, the difficulty lies in that (1) not all chunk loader requests are tagged with a owner, notably those from Buildcraft for its quarries, (2) a type of event must be chosen (last login? of who? last visit?), and (3) a reasonable time period must be chosen.
  1. The problem of chunk loader identification can be solved by either requiring everyone to put a ChickenChunks chunk loader in the same chunk as their quarry, or by using chunk ownership data. The former is preferred, and allows some flexibility.
  2. Last login seems the most appropriate. For shared bases, using a friends list to determine the list of names to check would not work because people would simply list as many people as they could on their friends list. Unfortunately, it would seem that possibly the best solution here would be to have everyone living together place their chunk loaders all in the same chunks.
  3. A reasonable time period might be a day or two.
Also, another difficulty is that Buildcraft quarries store their boundary data in the chunk load request. This means if that if they are not chunk loaded, they forget their boundaries -- a problem some of you probably vividly remember. We've patched BC appropriately to not break in the past though, so we may approach this problem again in this manner.

We're happy to hear any other ideas, otherwise we will be going forward with selective chunk request removal dependent on last login time.

(Another solution that is much simpler is to not load chunks again between restarts.)
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We're back online! Please note that you will need to update your client to connect.

Sorry for the delayed announcement!
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Unfortunately we're having issues with EnderIO crashing the server. In order to fix the problem, as well as future problems of this kind, we will be patching our server again to be resilient, similar to older versions of Alice. This may take 1-2 hours however, depending on how long my Internet takes to download everything I need.

In the meantime, you could get on our TeamSpeak server?

*Server is back up and operational. -leo389
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An emergency hotfix has been made available for Alice! Your client will be updated during launch.
  • Updated Advanced Machines to v57.3.1
  • Updated GenDustry to v1.0.3.40
  • Updated OpenBlocks to v1.2.4
  • Updated BdLib to
Again, sorry for the downtime guys.
We hope you enjoy playing on Alice!
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The current server downtime is due to a pending gendustry update. We hope to have it up shortly, doing the update shall dramatically reduce crashes because this is the primary reason.

Sorry for the inconvenience.