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Earlier today, we experienced what appears to be a network outage which caused temporary disruptions to Alice, Vincent, and SKCraft.com. As of 1:30 PM EDT the network has returned to normal, and service has been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience!
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Here's a new round of updates to Vincent!
  • It will now take a little longer for you to deplete your hunger bar.
  • Upon dying, your death coordinates will be printed to your own chat.
  • Yellow wool booster blocks now boost more gradually.


Stations from Vincent of yesteryear are back, but now you place green wool underneath the tracks to mark a station.


The purpose of stations is that they put your Minecart into a constant reduced speed (after several ticks, at least), which makes it easier to get off. When disembarking from a station, your Minecart will also be removed from the world. Should you stay in your cart through the station, you will start gradually speeding up after you leave the station.

Station Dispensers

It may be conceivable that you may want to be able to get back onto the track and continue down one of the directions. Fortunately, you can also place a dispenser below the track and activate it as you have before (at the terminus of a track).


The dispenser will dispense unlimited carts onto the rail with a velocity in the direction of the dispenser's forward face.

For those who are not very well versed in Redstone, the pressure plate activates the Redstone wire two blocks below it. Because we can't simply run a wire from the plate to the dispenser (the wire wouldn't point "into" the dispenser), a Redstone repeater is used.
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I made a patch for ComputerCraft and Alice is now working again.
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The server is currently down, and will continue to be down until further notice due to an issue with ComputerCraft. The Mod Pack Team is working to resolve the issue and we hope to have the server back online at the soonest possible opportunity. Please check back here for the latest information as it become available.

UPDATE: The server is now online!
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Here are some updates regarding Vincent.

Portal Support

Now you can send Minecarts through Nether portals with passengers! (Minecraft normally does not let you do this). You don't have to worry about which side of the destination portal the rail is on either: the code I've written will detect an adjacent rail to the portal (so only put one) and send the cart away from the portal.



Remember that dispensers with Minecarts will dispense unlimited carts. In addition, if you are standing on a pressure plate adjacent to the rail when an (empty) cart passes by, you will be put into that cart.

One way to build a station is seen below.


Remember that you can use yellow wool underneath the tracks as boost blocks.


Railway Guidelines

If you're building a railway, try to follow these guidelines:
  • Avoid many elevation changes in a short distance.
  • 2014-04-18 19_25_19-MineDraft.net.png
  • Group together several elevation changes.
    2014-04-18 19_26_14-MineDraft.net.png
  • Avoid just putting a railway high up.
    2014-04-18 19_27_09-MineDraft.net.png
  • Inset the railway into the ground for long distances whenever you can.
    2014-04-18 19_28_13-MineDraft.net.png
Basically, you want rails to be as straight as possible for as long as possible, and then perform turns or elevation changes all at once.

Here are some examples:
  • To maintain elevation, a bridge is used: elevation.jpg
  • Elevation changes are grouped together here: group.jpg
  • A path was chosen so that it could be as straight for as long as possible:
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First, for those who are newer to Alice, Vincent is our Minecraft vanilla-ish server. It recently came back after being unavailable for over a year.
  • Unlike Alice, Vincent's spawn is built by players.
  • A lot more sharing goes on in Vincent than in Alice.
You can view a map of Vincent's world online at http://maps.skcraft.com/vincent/

What's New

CraftBook was re-added. As some may know, it is probably Minecraft's oldest surviving mod and it was the first mod to bring logic gates, elevators, draw bridges, computers, multiblock structures, and so on to Minecraft. (We ran the first industrial Minecraft server.) It was created by me back in 2010 for Vincent, but I gave the project over to someone else to take over back in 2011. The current features are enabled:
  • Logic gates
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Piping
  • Better Pistons (crushers, etc.)
  • Better Plants
  • Bookcase
  • Bridges
  • Cauldron
  • Cooking Pot
  • Dispenser Recipes
  • Doors
  • Elevator (Lift)
  • Gates
  • Player Head Drops
  • Hidden Switch
  • Marquee
  • Painting Switcher
In addition, you will find enabled the following Minecart modifier blocks:
  • Ejector
  • Elevator
  • Notifier
  • Reverser
  • Max Speed
Note that we are using colored wool blocks rather than expensive ore blocks (iron, etc.).

  • Boats should no longer break.
  • Boats should drop boats when destroyed.
  • Minecarts will now plow through entities and kill them.

Free Minecarts

Vincent has always specialized in large Minecart networks. One of the biggest changes to make that more feasible affects how Minecarts are spawned and removed.
  • Dispensers will now dispense unlimited Minecarts.
  • When a Minecart hits a dispenser, it will be removed.
  • Players standing next to a wooden or stone pressure plate adjacent to a rail will be picked up by passing empty Minecarts.
You can find a demo of this at spawn.

Cheaper Rails

Replace the wooden stick in the recipe for Minecart rails and you will get 64x rails rather than 16.
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Vincent is our (mostly) vanilla Minecraft server and it's back!


You still need to be whitelisted to SKCraft, and the same rules still apply. Note that there is no pre-built spawn and it's a lot more barebones. Chunk claims are supported in the same manner as they are on Alice. Chat is currently not linked between the servers like they were in the past.

Use the "Vincent 1.7" option in the launcher and connect to either vincent.sk89q.com or atlanta.vincent.sk89q.com (only if you are in the US).
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Because of some serious balance (and some aesthetic) issues, the MPT have decided to nerf certain power generation setups that use Mekanism generators.

The setups affected by these nerfs are:
  • Arrays of Wind Turbines
  • Arrays of Hydrogen Generators
Wind Turbine output will be drastically lowered to a point where even big arrays aren't effecient.
Hydrogen Generator output will be lowered to a point where 'water to power' setups will be barely profitable.

Custom recipes will be put in place to convert your generators into some base materials again.

These nerfs are currently scheduled to happen on Monday 21st April.

If you wish to generate a lot of power still, consider switching to reactors and perhaps turbines from the Big Reactors mod. There are plenty of people that already have setups like these, and some will gladly help you build one yourself.

If you are still at early-game and don't have the materials to build a big reactor, consider using the various other generators from Mekanism, or the different generators from Extra Utilities, or even simply the dynamos from Thermal Expansion.

We apologize for the inconvenience this nerf may cause, but it had to happen at some time.
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I made a patch to the server that should hopefully rectify the crash issue and not cause any side effects. ChocolateQuest was not removed.

The server has been restarted.
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The ComputerCraft FTP and the IDE may be fixed now.
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As I have been absent from the server lately, I would like to remind everyone of a few things.
  • Please keep vulgar language to an absolute minimum. If a significant number of your messages include an expletive, then you are not successfully meeting this.
  • For all matters that we are feel are not deliberate (griefing, for example), we generally provide one verbal warning and then issue a ban if another infraction occurs. While we believe in second chances, you get one. We do not have the time to baby sit everyone. Do not count on your ban appeal to be successful.
  • Speaking on sexually-explicit or sexually-suggest matters is prohibited. Some of you do not know when to stop, so consider this your verbal warning. Any sexually-explicit or sexually-suggestive public chat is grounds for a ban with rejected appeal.
  • We expect everyone to treat everyone else with respect, but if you have a problem with someone else, you do not harass that person. I do not want to have to be your mother and teach you how to act responsibly. If you have a problem with someone for whatever reason, then you contact me. Do not let the problem fester.
  • Some of you have been apparently been very annoying to other players, but you are unaware of it. While I do not want to name names, it does have a strong correlation with people who talk a lot in chat (but if you do talk a lot, you are not necessarily one of these people). I'm just making you aware of this. If you don't stop, I will have to get involved.
  • If you have any problem, be sure to message me (especially for ban appeals). Be specific. I may take a few days to reply, but be assured that I will look into it. If I do not remember to help you, then reply back to remind me. If you are not getting the help you need, then posting on the forum more about will not solve your problem. Contact me.
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We are currently considering removing Chocolate Quest in the next 8-12 hours for sake of bringing the server back online. Unfortunately, both Chocolate Quest and RotaryCraft have been extremely buggy and has resulted in the server crashing numerous times over the past few weeks. However, we currently do not have plans to remove RotaryCraft.

If there are any objections, be sure to say so now.
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Alice will be down until further notice due to a severe crash bug. We are working to resolve the issue and hope to have the server back up soon! Please check back here for the latest updates, and sorry for the inconvenience!
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I have been a bit busy, so I haven't really been able to do much. If you still need me to do something for you, such as fix a crash bug, etc.... post on this thread.
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This is a short update to hopefully resolve the crash issue:

- MFR updated to version 2.7.8-482
- "A very cruel nerf for Mekanisum generators, and a somewwhat generous buff for Big Reactors." Toni (Changes have been reverted as these were not the finalized values, however in the future expect a change to Mek.)
- Disabled Endothermic Pump
- IDshift for IC2 Electric Floodlights