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Is your computer only 32-bit?

We are getting reports that the new modpack does not work for any 32-bit users. However, before we totally give up, please post on this thread information about your computer (processor, memory, year) to the best of your knowledge so that we can possibly figure out a workaround.

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The changelog for Alice 1.5 to Alice 1.6 has now been released.
To read it, click here.
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An update was released for the launcher. You can update the launcher by clicking "Update launcher" at the bottom right (you may need to check for updates).
  • The launcher will now try harder to not re-downloaded existing files, even if version information was lost or the files were imported from elsewhere.
In addition, there was an update to the modpack:
  • Some music files were updated for the spawn.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting recipes, but this will not take effect until the server is restarted.
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Alice has been updated with a new modpack and a new world! We invite you to login and play.

In order to play, you will have to update your launcher. Join the same address that you have always used. Please report any problems that you have with either the modpack, the quests, or the launcher by posting on this thread. Thank you!

Some places at spawn are still under construction. Please bear with us.



Use the following map to navigate around spawn:


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You can wait for Alice's launch by joining us in TeamSpeak in the appropriate channel!
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  • The current Alice is now shutdown (because we need to devote some resources to world pre-generation). The world should hopefully be available for download soon after.
  • We plan to launch the new Alice modpack within the next day (if possible) or the day after (Pacific time).
  • If you are waiting for your application to be accepted, please know that it should be accepted after the new Alice world launches.
Some of us have been working non-stop for the past week, and we hope you enjoy the new world!
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The launcher has been updated for MC 1.6, and we're planning to hopefully release Alice 1.6 in a few days!
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Happy new year, from all the staff at SKCraft.

Lets hope it will be a good year and what will be better than getting 1.6 out soon!

Not much more to do now.

Sit tight, Hold your panties and Keep on wuvin' dudu!

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EDIT: The offer has expired.

GET LEFT 4 DEAD 2! Go to this link to get Left 4 Dead 2 for free for life: steam://run/550/

You'll need Steam installed.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
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We're working towards updating the server to the next Minecraft version (1.6), as it happens that there is almost no mod/etc. support for Minecraft 1.7 at the moment (and there may not be for a while). The world on Alice will be definitely reset once we can update.

Before we can do that though, we need to build a new spawn. Normally I help manage that, but since I will probably be somewhat unavailable for the coming weeks, the modpack team will be handling affairs with that. If you wish to help, check out the TeamSpeak server whenever people are on building in the spawn build channel.

If you're new to the server, then you can check out the server for now but note that I would personally refrain from building anything substantial.

We'll keep everyone updated as things move along. Remember to check out the TeamSpeak server once in a while!
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Sorry, the server is back up! A forum hosted on the server was being hammered by a spam bot.
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The launcher has been updated to fix the login problem!

Get the new version here:
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We are aware of you are getting a bad login sadly that's not us that's the friendly folks at mojang's problem :D
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The update of the launcher is still in progress! It is needed if we want to update to later versions of Minecraft.

It currently will look like this, most likely:


But I said that about the last screenshot, so let's see!