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EDIT: This has been resolved.

Due to the update there is an issue with openblocks graves. As a result of this when you die your items are not recoverable, this is issue is out of our hands until sk has risen from his pit.

Please try your best not to die and take regular screenshots of your inventory.

Sorry for any Inconvenience but this is the best I can suggest for the time being.
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An update has been made available for Alice! Your client will be updated during launch.
  • Added a list of members on join for /join.
  • Added /calc /c /math as new aliases for /eval.
  • Added shop/zone ownership information to the /bind owner wand.
  • Added Steve's Factory Manager.
  • Added Switches.
  • Added back the original recipe for the MineFactory Reloaded Deep Storage Unit.
  • Fixed /claimhere and variants not setting a friends list if specified. If you have already used this command to claim a Bazaar shop, please repeat it to properly set a friends list.
  • Fixed Withers not dropping Nether stars.
  • Fixed double slabs and snow so that they are now cuttable.
  • Fixed a message regarding shop claims/zones not owned by yourself but displaying yourself as the owner.
  • Fixed the recipe for Washing Machine Drums. The recipe for Washing Machine Drums is now EMPTY iron-ingot EMPTY, iron-ingot glass-pane iron-ingot, EMPTY iron-ingot EMPTY.
  • Changed the position of the Status Effect HUD so as to not conflict with the friends list display.
  • Updated Magic Bees to v2.1.11.
  • Updated Advanced Machines to v57.3.0.
  • Updated Ender IO to v0.7.1.178.
  • Updated GenDustry to v1.0.1.38.
  • Updated OpenBlocks to v1.2.3.
  • Updated OpenPeripheral to core v0.3.0 and addons v0.1.
  • Disabled OpenBlock tanks for performance reasons.
  • Disabled the ExtraUtils Watering Can for balancing reasons.
  • Disabled the ExtraUtils Deep Dark Portal for balancing reasons.
  • Disabled the ThaumCraft Tome of Knowledge Sharing for balancing reasons.
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The Bazaar claiming procedure has changed!

In summary, you can now officially claim your shop, which will also protect it from modification.
  • Chunk-style protection is now enabled within the Bazaar, and you can officially claim your plot by typing /claimhere while within an unoccupied shop. Use /claimhere list in order to specify a friends list.
  • Those who have already claimed a shop using the previous procedures (by placing a sign) have had their plot assigned to them.
  • Friend list assignment can be adjusted by using the /claim command once again, with or without specifying a list.
  • To unclaim a plot, use /unclaimhere while standing inside the shop.
  • There is no more shared space between shops: in non-corner shops, the inner areas have been split evenly. Corner shops have been a tricky matter, and for now, we have assigned the corner area to either one or none of the adjacent shops.
  • Protection rules are that of regular claimed chunks: that is, only select blocks can be accessed by other players. Notably for the Bazaar, the Trade-o-Mat is one whitelisted block type. You may request other block types to be whitelisted by messaging sk89q.
  • Avoid placing inventories (chests, etc.) on the edge of your claim as they can be accessed from the adjacent claim with the use of pipes and other similar mechanisms, though Trade-o-Mats do not suffer from this problem. Please note that theft of other players' materials is still against the rules and exploitation of others' mistakes will result in the appropriate penalties.
  • Lock signs are now redundant, and so you are free to remove them.
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The Bazaar is a player marketplace, where anyone can setup shop and name a price for their goods. Visit the bazaar by taking the path north from Greenwell or purchasing a linking book from the Greenwell Post Office.
Once you arrive, please visit the orientation kiosk and familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures:
  • Claim an unoccupied shop by stepping into the shop and typing /claimhere. Add the name of a friends list as a parameter (/claimhere listname) to share shop space with your friends.
  • Use Trade-o-Mats in order to setup shop fronts within your space. Trade-o-Mats and Personal Safes can be purchased from Button's Shipping Co.
  • There is a limitation of one shop per player. Please seek Bazaar admin approval to claim multiple shops.

Inactive Shops

  1. Inactive shops will be removed with prior notice. All items contained within a removed shop will be removed and voided, and no refunds will be provided after the fact.
  2. Inactivity is determined by Bazaar admins. We use a guideline of around 2-4 weeks of server inactivity.
  3. Inactivity notices are sent via the forums to the person that claimed the shop.
Please do not use this thread to report bugs or request refunds, but post to the forum instead. (Refunds in particular can be handled by posting in the Private Issues forum.)


Additional Information

  • Use elevator blocks to travel between the different floors: crouching descends and jumping ascends.
  • Trade-o-mats are not craft-able, but you can buy them for one diamond from Button's Shipping Co at the Bazaar Dock.
  • GregTech Electric Trade-o-Mats are craft-able and include internal inventories. They do require power to operate but they can trade several stacks of items at a time.
  • All shops have crawlspaces between them. Please avoid putting inventories on the edge of your claim.
The Bazaar was built by buttonsinpjs and glitch80.

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For those 32-bit users who are having trouble running the modpack, we would like to gauge the amount of interest in installing Linux as a side partition in addition to an existing Windows installation. This means that you can use both Linux and Windows at any time by restarting your computer and choosing the operating system that you want to use.

An installation of Linux should not take more than 5-7 GB of your hard drive space, and a bare minimum installation could use even less. Your Windows installation would likely be made smaller during setup to accommodate. In order to play Alice, you would have to restart your computer and change into Linux, but you will still have access to websites and such.

If you are interested in this approach, please post on this thread and we'll see if we can get someone to step you through the process.
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After several hours of testing with a 32-bit version of Windows, while allocating the minimum 768 MB of memory and 64 MB of PermGen, I have only been able to load the modpack successfully up to the menu screen if Binnie's mods are removed. Binnie's mods include Extra Bees, Extra Trees and his core mod.

That unfortunately begs the question: should we remove Binnie's mods in order to allow our 32-bit players to play? We'd like your input, so please post your thoughts on the issue as a reply to this thread. No final decision has been made yet regarding the removal of Binnie's mods.

Be aware that we have not absolutely confirmed that the modpack does work once Binnie's mods have been removed. I plan to test the feasibility of multiplayer tomorrow.

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Is your computer only 32-bit?

We are getting reports that the new modpack does not work for any 32-bit users. However, before we totally give up, please post on this thread information about your computer (processor, memory, year) to the best of your knowledge so that we can possibly figure out a workaround.

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The changelog for Alice 1.5 to Alice 1.6 has now been released.
To read it, click here.
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An update was released for the launcher. You can update the launcher by clicking "Update launcher" at the bottom right (you may need to check for updates).
  • The launcher will now try harder to not re-downloaded existing files, even if version information was lost or the files were imported from elsewhere.
In addition, there was an update to the modpack:
  • Some music files were updated for the spawn.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting recipes, but this will not take effect until the server is restarted.
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Alice has been updated with a new modpack and a new world! We invite you to login and play.

In order to play, you will have to update your launcher. Join the same address that you have always used. Please report any problems that you have with either the modpack, the quests, or the launcher by posting on this thread. Thank you!

Some places at spawn are still under construction. Please bear with us.



Use the following map to navigate around spawn:


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You can wait for Alice's launch by joining us in TeamSpeak in the appropriate channel!
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  • The current Alice is now shutdown (because we need to devote some resources to world pre-generation). The world should hopefully be available for download soon after.
  • We plan to launch the new Alice modpack within the next day (if possible) or the day after (Pacific time).
  • If you are waiting for your application to be accepted, please know that it should be accepted after the new Alice world launches.
Some of us have been working non-stop for the past week, and we hope you enjoy the new world!
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The launcher has been updated for MC 1.6, and we're planning to hopefully release Alice 1.6 in a few days!
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Happy new year, from all the staff at SKCraft.

Lets hope it will be a good year and what will be better than getting 1.6 out soon!

Not much more to do now.

Sit tight, Hold your panties and Keep on wuvin' dudu!

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EDIT: The offer has expired.

GET LEFT 4 DEAD 2! Go to this link to get Left 4 Dead 2 for free for life: steam://run/550/

You'll need Steam installed.