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Getting excited about the upcoming Alice 1.7 modpack? We are too, thats why we are looking for some extra hands to help compile and configure the modpack. You do not have to be technically minded although prior knowledge of git does help.

If this opportunity tickles your fancy drop me a PM about the experience you have with the minecraft modding scene!

Addendum: Applications are now closed.
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Quite a bit has changed in Minecraft 1.7.10 compared to 1.6.4. From simple fishing changes, to Twich.tv integration. Not to mention, the new trees and blocks that tag along with the eleven new biomes, the addition of colorful stained glass and a variety of new flowers including sunflowers and orchids.

As we speak, Minecraft Forge continues it's journey to stabilization, and new mods with exciting new content continue to crop-up. Not to mention, one of our own community's member has picked up Minecraft modding in the form of Tonis' Utilities and Simply Jetpacks, accumulating a following among fellow mod-makers and mod-lovers alike.

In the light of all that has been said, it's high-time Alice extended it's reach to 1.7.10. The MPT has started to work on the next iteration of Alice's modpack.

As always, a list of mods will be compiled, and each mod will be scrutinized based on the content it provides and how it affects performance. Yet again, as always, the community will be allowed to provide suggestions for the modpack in the form of mods to be compiled into the aforementioned list.

To suggest a mod for the consideration list, simply provide us with the mod's name as a comment to this announcement. Please make sure that the mod you wish to suggest hasn't already been suggested by somebody else. If you wish to, you may provide us with extra information about the mod, such as some links to the mod's homepage, the mod author's name, or a short description of content added by said mod.

Fast-forward approximately two to three weeks, and we should have a working modpack ready to be deployed as Alice 1.7.10. All players will get a week or two long warning of the impending world reset and upgrade. As soon as that warning expires, the world will be reset and the server version upgraded from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10.

Over the next month, the MPT will be working harder than ever to push Minecraft to it's limit. It may be impossible for us to provide a completely bug-free and balanced modded Minecraft experience, but it sure as hell won't stop us from trying. Here's to a new and improved Alice!

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The ComputerCraft FTP server should be back. It went down due to the system upgrade that we performed last week and we forgot to bring it back.
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We plan on moving the MC server to a different data center within the next 1-3 weeks. The new server will probably be more powerful, but in in a fairly negligible way for Alice and Vincent.

The main difference will be that the server will now be located in (eastern) North America, whereas it is currently in Germany. Some people have had intermittent network connectivity problems with our current data center so those issues may be resolved.

As far as downtime goes, we plan on the server being down at most 5 minutes between server shut down on the old system and server startup on the new system. However, the address that you use to connect to the servers will likely point to the old IP address for some time due to caching done by your internet service provider, so it may take up 24 hours for the change to kick in. To work around that, we plan to issue new, temporary addresses for Vincent and Alice pointing to the new IP address.
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Here's the status of things:
  1. I've been working on WorldEdit a lot recently, so I have not been around a lot. A lot of long-desired features like Forge support and entity support are coming, so that's been taking a bit of time.
  2. If you sent me a PM, I plan on replying soon.
  3. If you wanted to join spawn build, PM me if you're still waiting. Spawn build is still ongoing but I've been absent, so I'm not sure how it is going at the moment. If we already exchanged contact information, message me if we haven't yet figured things out.
  4. A lot of mods are being updated for MC 1.7.10 and we're going to start a 1.7.10 modpack very soon. I can't tell you when we'll actually be able to update, but we'll give 1-3 weeks' notice most likely.
  5. If there's some technical problem that you or the server is experiencing, I have not heard about it, so PM me if it's important.
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The server has been crashing lately again and unfortunately, it's been down for hours at a time. For now, we've brought the server back up but we will need to have it crash again to identify the cause -- sorry!
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We ran into some unfortunate (and currently partly unexplained) issues that required restoring the server from backup.

While we keep hourly, daily, monthly backups both on-site and off-site, something happened with the hourly backups in the past 24 hours where we couldn't restore from them anymore. Unfortunately, that meant that we had to roll back the server back (EDIT: only affects Alice) 12 hours. That said, the server was down for many hours before everything went nuts (due to a server crash), so at least that minimized the damage somewhat.

If you have lost items / builds, please contact a moderator and we can arrange for refunds (or "roll forwards" from alternate backups).

Both Vincent and Alice should be back up.
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Due to a crash that resulted in a massive rollback I've shutdown the server until the Code Monkeys are back from their coffee break.-

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Something to do with IC2 and Mek
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EDIT: Server is now back up!

The servers are temporarily down due to a (scheduled) system update. We're working on getting everything back to working order ASAP.
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We are looking for people who would be interested in helping build Alice 1.7's next spawn.

There is no Alice 1.7 modpack yet, as we would like to use MC 1.7.10 for the server, but most mods are only available for MC 1.6.4 or MC 1.7.2 at this time. For the time being, we are building with just vanilla Minecraft.

If you are interested, please post on this thread. If possible, please provide screenshots. It would also be great if you had Skype.

You can also PM me.
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While we don't have 1.7 modpack yet and it may be several weeks until we do, we can begin building spawn using a vanilla world.

Before we actually get to building anything though, we need to brainstorm.

Anyone got any suggestions as to a possible theme or setting? Pictures are welcome.
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  • Vincent:
    • The number of hostile creatures on Vincent has been raised.
    • There is a new "Slime Paradise" (see Dynmap) which more frequent slime spawns.
  • Alice:
    • An update was pushed that fixes some ID conflicts.
    • A new "Engineer's Supply Shop" at spawn (first floor, next to clothing shop) provides supplies for Dimensional Doors and PneumaticCraft.
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Sorry, but one of the modpack team members accidentally deleted Advanced Machines and it got into the update. It's been restored, but you will have to update again.

If you lost anything, be sure to ask us.
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An update for Alice has been pushed. You will be prompted to update your client.

  • Updated the server software (Cauldron/MCPC+) to the latest build (b4).
  • Added DimensionalDoors v2.2.3.
    • Create "pocket dimensions" to store your stuff in.
    • Explore random pocket dimension dungeons!
    • Signature rifts are currently disabled.
  • Added PneumaticCraft v1.1.4e.
    • Build and craft items with pneumatic machines.
    • Yes, TNT should work to create compressed iron!
  • Re-enabled Compressor Tubes from Tubes.
    • Previously known to kick players with a "Internal server error."
  • Re-enabled Igneous Extruders.
    • The quickest and most efficient way to generate cobblestone is still with the Transfer Node from ExtraUtilities.
  • Removed Simply Recycling.
    • Added reverse crafting/smelting recipes for metal tools and so on.
  • Updated SimplyJetpacks to v0.3.0.0.
  • Updated Tubes to v2.0.3.
  • Updated ForgeMultipart to build 268.
  • Updated BigReactors from 0.3.2A to 0.3.3A.
  • Updated Gendustry from to