Hello from SKCraft!
We Welcome You
On to the rules

Ground Rules

Before we continue, let's discuss our code of conduct.

What we expect from you

  • Don't take or break anything that isn't yours.
  • Don't attack others without prior consent.
  • Please keep vulgar language to a minimum.
  • Please keep things PG-13 in chat.
  • Don't use X-ray or other cheats. Minimaps OK.
  • Report any 'exploits' that you find (privately to a moderator) and refrain from using them.

What to expect from us

  • We take great care to ensure minimal data loss.
  • We'll help you if you need help.
  • We will investigate any impropriety from other members or any staff. We urge that you report incidents so we know to handle it!

When something goes wrong

  • If your access to the server is suspended, make sure to contact SKCraft's owner, sk89q, on the forums. We will happily explain why, and if you wish, you may appeal your suspension.
  • If you see a moderator or staff member acting inappropriately, we please ask of you to contract sk89q on the forums so that he can investigate. We strongly value your input.


Our launcher automatically downloads and installs modpacks. It's made by us and also used by hundreds of other communities.


As a member, you have access to all our servers.

  • Vincent

    Our "Vanilla" Server

    This server does not require a modpack and you can connect to the server with your normal Minecraft client. While Vincent does have tech mods on the server, the server is primarily geared towards builders who love working together to construct large rail systems and impressive projects.

    Vincent is temporarily unavailable.

  • Alice

    Our Industrial/Magic Server

    Alice is a carefully selected mix of tech and magic mods, crafted by our long running modpack team. Build complex factories connected by winding conduits, or if you prefer magic, you can partake in the arcane arts. In order to play on Alice, you will need our launcher.

    You will need a modern computer to play on Alice. We recommend, at minimum, a quad-core CPU, a 64-bit computer, at least 4 GB of RAM, and Java 8.

    IP: alice.sk89q.com

    If you need technical assistance, or you're just frankly lost and don't know how to even get started playing, please ask on our forums.

  • Join one


Bring your own friends and meet new people.

Invite Friends

If you have friends or family members that you want to get onto the server, use the /invite THEIR_NAME command in-game. They instantly have access to all our servers.

Join Our Forums

Discuss the game with others, ask questions, get help, and more on our forums. Note that you need to register on the forums separately.

Join Discord

Chat with our other members (and ask for help) in our Discord chatroom. There's also voice chat support too.

We're All Open Ears

If you have any suggestions, we're always ready to listen.